Detailed Procedures to Repair the Bulge on the Shell of a HRT Steam Boiler

All repairs have to be acceptable to the governing code jurisdiction (reminiscent of NBIC), due to this fact all strategies of restore should have written approval from the Chief Inspector or Approved Inspector. The rule to flush patch might be obtained from RD-2060a Flush Patches of NBIC.

Perform hardness check (DT) on the bulge space to find out extent of defect. Mark out the boundary line of the faulty part to be lower out primarily based on acceptable tensile energy obtained. Use Vickers Hardness check (HV) to check for the steel energy of carbon metal. The tactic of restore is known as “flush patch”, which implies the shell is cutout across the failure in elliptical or rectangular, and a chunk of recent boilerplate rolled to right curvature is inserted with the sting of authentic shell and patch butt-welded. For rectangular form, present correct radius as sq. corners shall be averted.

Refer the producer’s blueprint on the fabric specs of the shell and the patches shall be produced from the fabric that’s equal in high quality and thickness to the unique materials. The sting shall align with out overlap. Weld preparation to be double “vee” with an included angle of 60o to 70o. The fuel tungsten arc welding (GTAW) shall be used for the preliminary cross becoming a member of the patch to shell. The steadiness of the weld shall be handbook shielded metallic arc welding utilizing low hydrogen electrodes confirmed to ASME Code Sect IX.

Weld the within first, then again gouge on the surface. Grind the sound steel earlier than persevering with the welding on the surface. Grind flush the accessible floor, and after completion of welding, visually test for weld undercut and restore if essential. Refer the producer’s blueprint on the NDT used throughout development, and usually the weld on flush patch of shell is 100% radiographed. Acceptance of weld is in accordance with ASME Code or BS 2970 code. Publish weld warmth remedy (PWHT) is to be achieved to alleviate the residual stress on the warmth affected zone (HAZ). Carryout hydrostatic check on the boiler. Check stress shall be 1.5 instances the design stress. The holding time is 10 minutes.

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