CP2077 and Transphobia : cyberpunkgame

CP2077 and Transphobia : cyberpunkgame

Hey, I’m a trans man and I want to share my opinion and expertise about CP2077!

//I’ll situation a set off warning for transphobia simply in case!

Earlier than I start:

In case you are cis, you would not have the suitable to inform a trans individual easy methods to really feel about these issues.

I want to add that I cannot debate with transphobes. I’m solely conversersing with folks which might be WILLING to know, study my perspective and which have legit questions in direction of my expertise.

And one other factor: I communicate for MYSELF when it comes to the CP2077 expertise, not on the behalf of others and I’m merely sharing my opinion, ideas and emotions.This doesn’t imply that EVERY transgender individual feels the best way I really feel about this downside. Do not even attempt to invalidate my emotions.

An necessary facet observe is, that this is not alleged to inform you “Hey do not buy the sport.” or “You are transphobic if you happen to play the sport.” You do you, and you’ll benefit from the sport how a lot you need. I’m not stopping you. In actual fact, I’m completely satisfied that you’ve a pleasant expertise.

I personally was and excited to be taking part in Cyberpunk 2077 for about 2 years. I wasn’t on the hype prepare, that is for certain, however I used to be wanting ahead to it. I’ve watched playthroughs of Youtubers, streamers and my superb pal as soon as it got here out as properly. So no, I’m not just a few hater, who by no means heard of this sport till the hate started spewing.

This submit will embody following matters:

  1. The Tweets

  2. The Commercial And Character Creation

  3. The Poster And Sexualization

  4. The Fanbase And Toxicity

  5. The Firm CD Projekt Pink

I urge you to learn the whole thing of this thread earlier than commenting.

The Tweets.

The primary ‘joke’ was the “dID u JuST AsSUmE THeIR GenDEr”, which is/was a standard joke used largely by cis folks to mock trans folks for his or her gender id. Whereas trans folks already wrestle with “You are not an actual ___ if you happen to had been born ___”, some cis folks joined in with the joke to invalidate our id by saying we’re over-sensitive, over-the-top, bizarre those that press their pronouns onto everybody and every little thing. AKA all we care about is us getting known as the suitable pronouns, that we’d get very aggressive if you happen to misgendered us and that we’d throw tantrums each time that occurred.

(Fast facet observe: It is our human proper to be known as the best way we wish. If you don’t settle for that and purposely misgender us, you might be improper and denying us that proper.)

This type of joke is commonly related to “I determine as an [Insert Object].”, poking enjoyable at us but once more by saying that our id is so wack, we may actually determine as a toaster and it will be legitimate in our thoughts, whereas additionally belittling our expertise with transitioning.

I personally discover these.. simply annoying. Actually, actually annoying and distasteful in direction of me and my id. On the sting of transphobia. It is not edgy, it isn’t cool.

One other tweet that I discovered floating round was CD Projekt Pink utilizing the tag #WontBeErased, a hashtag used to face up for transgender and non-binary folks, to advertise their video games.

No, I’m not kidding.

The author of those tweets has been fired, however that doesn’t undo the injury.. It additionally implies that CD Projekt Pink has APPROVED of those tweets earlier than they had been printed. Or does just one individual handle their social media? If that’s the case, that’s certain to be hassle.

In addition they made this tweet: “If there is just one sort of vagina: PREODER CANCELLED.”, which in itself is.. god, I do not even know. Whereas this one is not transphobic (in my view), it is nonetheless so uncomfortable and off-putting. Why are you all making it about genitalia? Please, inform me.

I’m disgusted by CD Projekt Pink to permit this blatant shit by passing it off as ‘edgy’.

As an organization you might be accountable on the way you promote and promote your sport.

Talking of ADVERTISEMENT, this results in my subsequent level.

The Commercial And Character Creation.

CD Projekt had marketed that V will likely be gender impartial and that there can be no gender. You’ll as an alternative decide a physique sort.

CD Projekt had marketed that there can be a pronoun-free dialogue and other people would discuss with you as ‘V’.

First of.. sure, you select a physique sort, BUT you might be pressured to decide on between he/him and she/her primarily. There isn’t a they/them, which negates the gender-neutral commercial.

They’ve additionally determined to tie your pronouns to your voice. Sure, your voice.

You can select the masculine physique sort however give your self the next voice, and you’d be routinely known as ‘she‘ and vice versa. No matter pronoun is choosen, you can be known as mentioned pronoun for the remainder of the sport. These pronouns additionally embody gender-titles reminiscent of Miss/Mister.

It is EXTREMELY HARMFUL because it perpetuates the concept of gender being simply recognized by look, voice or genitalia. There may be way more to gender id than your physique and this insinuates {that a} excessive voice equals feminine and a low voice equals male.

Wasn’t it deliberate to pick out your pronouns seperately as properly and never have it tied to your physique/voice?

It could take much less traces to report if CD Projekt Pink had used they/them and gender-neutral phrases when referring to V for his or her dialogue in sport.

CBP2077 has additionally locked sure options behind physique sorts reminiscent of:

  • Hairstyles are locked behind your physique sort.

  • The female physique MUST have breasts. There isn’t a choice to not have breasts.

  • The masculine physique can not have breasts.

  • The female physique can not have chest hair.

One other factor I seen is that if you happen to selected a penis, you’ll all the time be the one penetrating the opposite throughout intercourse. When you decide a vagina, you’ll all the time be on the receiving finish. That to me simply blatant gender stereotypes and transphobia as a result of it visualizes the concept of “Vagina = Getting penetrated”. As if a transman can’t be the one to penetrate others and vice versa.

The Poster And Sexualization

At first I did not even discover the poster till the general public had spoken about it, and I don’t consider it as transphobic. My thought wasn’t “How dare they sexualize a transwoman for exploitation.“, it was extra of “Oh, one other sexualized girl. Sadly nothing new.” And I nonetheless assume that.

The quantity of sexualization on this sport is definitely actually disgusting. Particularly for ladies. It is a dystopian sport, it is alleged to be wild, immoral, dehumanizing, and tousled. However that is simply.. uncomfortable. And I say this as an open-minded individual in direction of kinks and all. You possibly can craft and impactful story and a lot extra.. even with out intercourse scenes.

However I want to direct you to Borderlands, a dystopian sport, which had Moxxi as their most sexualized character. And with most sexualized I imply.. Cleavage and displaying a little bit of thigh. Borderlands had an awesome portrayal at how a dystopian universe could possibly be with dehumanizing values, tackling Communism and Capitalism and Corruption. There was the occasional flirting, innuendos and swearing, nevertheless it was nowhere close to as what Cyberpunk 2077 is.

Now, I feel that the poster wasn’t that large of a deal. It’s proof that firms and corperations are evil money-hungry and exploit no matter they’ll discover, and I get that and I’m not mad at that. However I am not a transwoman, so I can not perceive that wrestle. And sure, there’s a completely different wrestle between transmen and transwomen as transmen appear to have it simpler in society than transwomen.

Although what urked me essentially the most, is that cis girl cosplayer Yugoro, who had created a cosplay of the transwoman within the poster, made a tweet saying “All folks have their very own struggles. Many cis women and men face acts of harassment and violence every day as properly”, which fully invalidates the wrestle trans folks undergo and implies that cis women and men have it simply as arduous.

That. Is. A. Nono.

The Fanbase and Toxicity

(With this I imply the detrimental and poisonous a part of the neighborhood. Not people who find themselves merely having fun with the sport and having peaceable debates.)

Underneath a submit of CP2077 official twitter, I encountered a tweet asking to the place the transphobia within the sport was. It regarded like a real query, so I answered with a brief record of problematic issues that I discover disturbing/disappointing.

The quantity of transphobic feedback I’ve acquired was disgusting.

Listed here are some feedback I had acquired after politely explaining my viewpoint:

r/cyberpunkgame - CP2077 and Transphobia

Instance 1

r/cyberpunkgame - CP2077 and Transphobia

Instance 2

r/cyberpunkgame - CP2077 and Transphobia

Instance 3

r/cyberpunkgame - CP2077 and Transphobia

Instance 4

r/cyberpunkgame - CP2077 and Transphobia

Instance 5

That’s only a portion of what I’ve acquired. That is Transphobia.

Inside all these feedback, I had solely one well mannered dialogue.

I even searched twitter to see if folks had an analogous view as I had, and I discovered just a few that agreed and lots of, many, many, many individuals calling trans folks SJWs and making enjoyable of individuals critizing CD Projekt Pink whereas additionally meming about the entire state of affairs.

On posts that had been crucial of the factors I discussed above, I discovered many supportive feedback however numerous transphobic feedback, saying that there should not have been trans folks within the sport or that there are solely two genders or that CD Projekt Pink ought to take away them once more.

I want to level out, but once more, that in case you are cis, you don’t get to invalidate trans folks’s emotions and since “u generally is a chick with a dick“, does not imply that it is correct transgender illustration. Like I mentioned earlier, there’s a lot extra to transgender folks than genitalia.

“However u received the trans flag, ur represented“, but once more. Not the correct illustration.

Simply because we received the genitalia choice, a trans flag, a transwoman on a poster and Claire, doesn’t imply.. that that is the correct illustration. It is extra like slapping a bandaid on my severed leg and telling me to cease crying.

Edginess doesn’t defend you from critism and it doesn’t provide you with permission to be an terrible being and placing down others for the sake of your leisure. It’s my proper to dwell and be precisely represented.

The Firm CD Projekt Pink

Why is CD Projekt Pink permitting blatant tranphobia of their fandom? I actually do not know.

They declare to be ‘woke’ and supportive, but the entire above occurs? Effectively, with all of the edginess they current on social media.. sure. Sure, it occurs. Greater than typically. Which is completely disgusting. However this once more proves their level in “Corperations are evil, cash hungry and exploit no matter they’ll discover“.

An incredible instance of correct LGBTQA illustration is Borderlands. Not solely have they got tons of LGBTQA+ characters that do not really feel pressured, in addition they received FL4K. Which is a non-binary robotic with they/them pronouns. Gearbox had additionally enforced BANS to anybody who misgendered FL4K.

Would transphobes be mad? Sure. Might you doubtlessly lose a portion of your fanbase? Maybe. Are you doing the suitable factor by imposing human rights and supporting transgender folks? Completely.

Borderlands did the suitable factor in my view. It’s already arduous sufficient to have illustration as a transperson in media, not to mention an correct one. And having Borderlands, a sport with such an enormous following and fanbase, brazenly state that IT’S NOT OKAY TO BE TRANSPHOBIC, is simply great.

So, you possibly can clearly see that correct trans illustration is feasible, even from an enormous firm. The place is the issue with CD Projekt Pink?

CD Projekt Pink was both not fascinated about it correctly, or they had been too lazy to implement extra depth into it. I am giving them the advantage of the doubt, that they didn’t do that deliberately.

I actually had hopes for this sport and firm, however having all this controversy and problematic stuff arising, makes me actually assume that they simply wished to dwell out their futa goals and fetishize trans folks as a bonus.

I would not even be mad in the event that they by no means introduced or marketed something to cater to transgender folks, however the truth they did and did so little in the long run, is what makes me upset.

Whereas I do not like Polygon as a lot, they did have an article concerning the state of affairs.

When you don’t love or belief Polygon, I like to recommend these articles from dailydot, doublejump and thegamer concerning the subject.

With that.. I mainly have mentioned something necessary on my thoughts and I hope that it would assist just a few folks to know my wrestle with with CP2077, CD Projekt Pink and the fanbase.

I’d love to listen to your expertise, emotions or ideas. Simply be weary that I cannot tolerate transphobia or any invalidation of my emotions for this sport and the mess that transpired.

In case you are simply right here to hate on me and name me snowflake and SJW, congratulations. You’re a part of the issue.

Thanks for studying!

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