Conservatism Is the New Counter-Culture

When individuals say I’ve “values”, what are they speaking about? “Values” are the rules during which we maintain pricey. Values are traits that we maintain admirable in ourselves and others. When somebody says they’ve “non secular” values, it normally implies that they’ve a extra “conservative” or “conventional” view in the direction of actuality. Doing their finest to abstain from alcohol, encourage males to be leaders of their households, abstain from gay habits, act in a pious method, and many others… When somebody says they’re very “liberal” or have “liberal values”, it normally implies that the other, that conservative values should not essentially essential or in some instances, even undesirable.

In current historical past, particularly in western nations,there’s a rise in “non-belief”. Anarchism (no perception in authorities), MGTOW or Asexualism (No perception in romantic relationships), Atheism (No perception in god), Apolitical (No perception in any political ideology), Vegan (No perception in consuming meat)… as time goes on, we’re believing in fewer and fewer lengthy held traditions. We have gotten a society of hedonists. “Something goes as long as you are not murdering or stealing.” As a Libertarian, I truly share the sentiment to a sure diploma. I do not consider the federal government ought to regulate behaviors that don’t trigger direct victims. Individuals needs to be free to make decisions for themselves. I do not assume the federal government ought to lock individuals up for placing medicine of their physique or partaking in transgenderism. Individuals ought to have a free alternative.

Nonetheless, my downside comes when such habits turns into endorsed as “constructive”. We’ve reaches a tipping level between “acceptance” and “endorsement”. Simply because I feel all medicine needs to be decriminalized and handled as a well being subject, doesn’t suggest I endorse the habits. Simply because I do not assume transgendered individuals be discriminated in opposition to, doesn’t suggest that I’ll encourage my son or daughter to get a intercourse change operation. Our western values of “open mindedness” and acceptance have been perverted into the endorsement of any and all behaviors.

We now have tv reveals endorsing the concept of same-sex dad and mom elevating a baby, transgendered super-heroes whereas commercials and different media typically painting straight males as being “idiotic” or “bumbling” idiots. A TV advert displaying a lady kicking a person within the testicles can be seen as humorous, whereas a TV advert displaying a person shoving a lady can be seen as “abuse”.

We stay an age the place “conservatism” is the brand new counter-culture. Being a conservative is “edgy”, “risque”, and “daring”. Even simply 10 or 20 years in the past, being a conservative was thought of a standard affair, particularly in southern states. Now, in the event you aren’t shouting “white privilege”, “Hashtag #metoo”, then individuals will contemplate you a “bigot” or racist.

Many individuals even contemplate band-aides to be racist today as a result of the pores and skin tone of those merchandise caters to white-Individuals. Is it racist as a enterprise proprietor to create a product that appeals to a bigger financial demographic? Would it not make financial sense to promote african-american hair-care merchandise in an Asian nation like China?

We stay in a society the place conservatives are only one accusation away from being obliterated in society. “Racist”, “Bigot”, “MeToo”, “Womanizer”.

Whereas I agree {that a} society that’s “too” conservative will change into totalitarian and restrictive, I additionally agree {that a} society that’s “too” liberal will even change into totalitarian and restrictive. The acute left and the intense proper are destroying our nice nation. The paper-thin skinned liberals and the hateful prudes of the conservatives are giving the remainder of us dangerous names!

We should not be so fast to belittle our traditions which have served humanity for hundreds of years, but we also needs to be sane sufficient to comprehend that sure elements should be a bit extra relaxed. It seems that our society is having bother discovering that candy middle-ground. Regardless, I by no means thought I might see the day when it was thought of rebellious to be “conservative”.

“If you’re not a liberal at age 25, you haven’t any coronary heart. If you’re not a conservative by the age of 35, you haven’t any mind”. – Winston Churchill

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