Book Review: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late by Pseudonymous Bosch

Query: What do you get once you mix a 500-year-old man born in a bottle… an evil society bent on discovering the key to immortality… and two adventurous 11-year-olds?

Reply: A enjoyable, witty e-book that youngsters are positive to get pleasure from studying.

Sure, Pseudonymous Bosch has carried out it once more. In his obtrusive, snarky means, he is created a narrative that youngsters will eat up – however will mother and father choke on the delicate violence and references to the occult?

The Good Stuff

It is a story a couple of very impartial survivalist (Cass) who learns little by little to depend on and belief others – particularly Max-Ernest and the members of the Terces Society.

Cass, Max-Ernest, Yo-Yoji and the opposite members of the Terces Society all exhibit true friendship, as they stand by one another by means of thick and skinny.

Listed below are just a few examples that stood out to me…

– Cass asks Cabbage Face to forgive her for mendacity to him.

– Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji spherical up the Terces Society to rescue Cass from the Midnight Solar.

– Cabbage Face sacrifices his life to avoid wasting Cass.


Whereas “If You are Studying This, It is Too Late” is not what most individuals would contemplate violent, Cass and Max-Ernest do discover themselves in some hair-raising conditions.

For instance…

– Dr. L shanghaies Cass and Max-Ernest on board a ship, ties them up, and threatens to make use of them as shark bait.

– Cass finds out that Cabbage Face (the 500-year-old homunculus) killed the Lord Pharaoh and buried his stays. (At one level, he claims to have “eaten” the Lord Pharaoh.”)

– Ms. Mauvais’ evil henchmen seize Cass and the homunculus on the Skelton Sisters live performance and threaten them with bodily hurt.

– Cass is tied to a tree in a graveyard and will get frostbite.

– When the Terces Society battles the Midnight Solar to rescue Cass, there’s a lot punching, flame-throwing, biting and kicking.

Magic, Sorcery and Spirituality

“If You are Studying This, It is Too Late” does have some spirituality of the traditional Egyptian form.

For instance,

– The physician who “created” the homunculus was a devotee of the key science known as alchemy – and he needed energy over life itself. He even began calling himself “Lord Pharaoh,” as a result of he found powers solely identified to the kings of historical Egypt.

– The immortality-seeking loonies of the Masters of the Midnight Solar chant whereas the Lord Pharaoh’s grave is dug up.

– Ms. Mauvais calls Lord Pharaoh a “god.” She needs to proceed his work, so the members of the Midnight Solar may be gods too.

However there’s one thing else…

It is not precisely magic, however there are some unusual, unexplainable issues that occur within the story.

For instance, Cass has nightmares a couple of quick, odd-looking little creature (the homunculus) – BEFORE she even knew he existed. She additionally goals that he may very well be discovered at a close-by lake – and lo and behold, that is the place she finds him.

And whereas I am on the subject, how can Cabbage Face (the homunculus) be alive within the first place? He was created in a bottle 500 years in the past. Who comes into the world like that – and who lives that lengthy? It is very unusual, in the event you ask me.

Plus, there’s the mysterious Sound Prism that has the facility to name Cabbage Face. Hmmm… Not precisely magic, however how do you clarify it?

Sexual Content material


Medication and Alcohol

Cabbage Face steals a bottle of wine that Cass’ grandfathers introduced alongside on the tenting journey to the lake. The youngsters uncover that he has a cache of stolen alcohol when he graciously presents them a drink of wine, vodka, gin, malt scotch, tequila or cognac. (The youngsters correctly drink water as a substitute.)

Foul Language


Different Adverse Stuff

Our heroes do a little bit of mendacity, stealing and disobeying with a view to have their adventures.

For instance…

– Cass and Max-Ernest ignore their trainer’s orders to remain shut and slip away from a category journey to satisfy up with the Terces Society… and find yourself in a large number of hassle.

– Cass steals the Sound Prism from Dr. L and Ms. Mauvais – however I suppose the truth that she “stole” from the unhealthy guys makes the theft a bit extra justified.

– Cass lies to the homunculus to get him to return together with her to the Terces Society.

– Cass makes use of the Sound Prism to snoop on a few women within the faculty rest room.

– Cass lies to her mother to get her permission to go to the Skelton Sisters live performance with Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji.

My Two Cents

“If You are Studying This, It is Too Late” is a witty, enjoyable follow-up to “The Identify of This Guide is Secret.” Youngsters will get pleasure from studying alongside as Cass and her buddies have one more journey with the Terces Society. They usually’ll get a kick out of all of the extras within the appendix.

Some mother and father won’t be snug with the occult nature of the Masters of the Midnight Solar. However for probably the most half, this e-book is acceptable for many 9 to 12-year-olds.

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