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This part introduces strategies for shaving totally different physique components. For shaving the beard with a security razor, see this complete introduction.


WikiWorld sketch with enjoyable details about facial hair


It’s typically suggested to observe this order when shaving:

  1. Get face moist with heat water. Proper after a bathe is greatest. Don’t use water that’s too sizzling, as this may harm your pores and skin.
  2. Apply shaving cream or gel. Rub a liberal quantity in your face to stop it from drying (though an excessive amount of could cause your razor to turn out to be clogged).
  3. Shave your cheeks and neck first and chin final. The hair in your chin is thicker and leaving the shaving lotion on for longer will soften it.
  4. Shave down in your face and up in your neck[citation needed] (however see beneath relating to ingrown hair). It might take some time on your hair to get used to this, but it surely reduces razor burn and makes shaving a lot simpler in the long term.
  5. It’s endorsed to clean with chilly water to shut the pores and scale back potential for an infection.
  6. When you’ve got curly facial hair, use a lotion-based aftershave in order to scale back ingrown hairs.

An alternate method is beneficial for these with delicate pores and skin, and people vulnerable to razor burn and ingrown hairs:

  1. Moist face with heat water. Your aim earlier than the blade touches your face is to melt the beard. Some desire to position a sizzling towel to on their beard for 30 seconds previous to making use of shaving lotion. Others shave proper after a bathe. Use no matter approach works greatest for you.
  2. Therapeutic massage gel or cream into your beard. Spending a minute or longer doing this may assist soften your beard, and offer you a extra comfy shave. A bristle brush is a superb funding, because it helps raise hairs away out of your pores and skin, and exfoliates. Heat the comb with water, and apply gel. Apply to face for a minute or two.
  3. Shave within the course that your hairs develop. Don’t shave towards the grain – this may harm your face, and is extra doubtless to offer you ingrown hairs.
  4. Rinse with tepid water that’s not heat and never chilly. Rinsing with water that’s too chilly will shut the pores too quickly, collapsing on freshly reduce hairs. if it is too heat, you will depart the pores open longer, permitting follicles to maneuver round.
  5. Apply a light aftershave lotion that does not have a lot alcohol content material in it.

One methodology which has been discovered helpful in making a well-shaped beard:

  1. Select a primary form (see Wikipedia:Record of facial hairstyles).
  2. Comb hair towards grain – to try to stand it up from the face.
  3. Define the boundary with an electrical trimmer (with out spacing attachment)- chopping at proper angles to pores and skin.
  4. Select a thickness on your beard and set the trimmer to this depth.
  5. Trim physique of beard.
  6. Shave away any non-beard hair – taking care to maintain the essential define.
  7. Comb beard to lie it flat towards the pores and skin.
  8. Take off trimmer spacer
  9. Use electrical trimmer to spherical off (or form) edges of the beard.


  • it is usually helpful to raise the chin and outline a horizontal line beneath the chin to assist keep away from the undercurl of hair when the beard grows out (or to assist cover that chubby chin).


You will need to shave this area with care. The mustache (Worldwide English: moustache) space has thinner pores and skin, and thus is extra delicate to nicks and cuts. Ensure to not reduce your lips – you do not need to danger an an infection.


Sideburns are presumably the best a part of the face to shave; some discover it greatest to shave there first. Be sure that your face is wanting straight on the mirror, so to get a fair have a look at how excessive you might be chopping your sideburns. It generally helps to line the reduce up with part of your ear. (Word: Contemplating that many individuals’s ears are in reality not lined up on their face, it could be higher to measure your sideburns towards your nostril to realize a really even reduce.) An outdated trick utilized by many barbers is to place the tip of an index finger beneath the sting of every sideburn, and to level in the direction of your face and raise your elbows. You may look foolish, however the distinction of finger top helps you decide whether or not your sideburns are even or not…(and also you’d slightly look a tad foolish in personal than be publicly embarrassed by uneven facial hair, proper?)


One can use a shaving machine and description it first, after that you should utilize a straight edge to outline it. Waxing could also be a greater various.

Nostril hair[edit]

A nostril hair trimmer is very beneficial to trim nostril hair. They’re normally fairly low-cost, and they’re very efficient. It’s a lot simpler and safer than utilizing scissors!


To shave your legs successfully and safely you will need to have (if utilizing a security blade) a comparatively new, and sharp razor, to stop the chance of nicks, scrapes and an infection and to get the legs moist, and fairly slippery. Suggest utilizing shaving gel/cream, cleaning soap or shampoo and sitting down whereas shaving, on a chair, or in a shower.

  1. Lather up the legs so {that a} sheen of cleaning soap covers them.
  2. Then, beginning on the ankle utilizing a small quantity of stress utilized with the forefinger shave vertically as much as the knee.(This could depart a line of shaved pores and skin, scraping off the cleaning soap in addition to shaving off the hair.
  3. Transfer to at least one aspect of this stripe, and repeat step 2, till the complete calf has been shaved. Watch out across the ankle and the shin, that are bony and extra susceptible to cuts.Additionally keep in mind to on occasion rinse the razor to rid it of extra hair.
  4. Whereas shaving the knee be particularly cautious and cautious, it is a bony space, and ensure to double verify that every one hair on the knee has been eliminated.
  5. Shave the higher leg, from knee to butt, in the identical vertical movement and methodology as earlier than, ensuring the again of the thigh is totally shaved.


Armpit pores and skin is further mushy and delicate.

Whereas most physique components have hair that grows in a single course, the armpit is usually lined by multi-directional progress. For the smoothest shave draw the razor in each horizontal and vertical paths.


With a security razor, squat on flooring and shave from inside going out. Use cleaning soap as lubricant. Don’t shave the world close to the anus, as it could trigger uncomfortable rashes: waxing is a extra applicable alternative for the elimination of ugly anal fuzz. (Keep away from sizzling wax, as it could trigger anal burn.)


Be mild on the again. It is surprisingly delicate to shaving. It might be troublesome to shave the world of the higher again by your self. If you cannot get right into a reciprocal settlement (shave my again and I am going to shave your again, or I am going to do the laundry if you happen to shave my again), you could need to think about using the Razorba, basically a razor on a stick. After some trial and error, you will discover it does get these arduous to achieve areas.



Use nice care when shaving genital areas. Itching will doubtless happen as soon as the hair begins rising again, so take into account waxing the world as a substitute. Utilizing electrical trimmers on a low size setting will yield comparable aesthetic and tactile outcomes with higher ease and with much less itching.

The shaving needs to be carried out slowly and step by step. There isn’t any must rush it. Transfer the blade slowly and do not try to shave extraordinarily shut on the primary time. Start with only a shut trim, the subsequent time shave the periphery, persevering with to take away extra over the course of weeks. As with all different a part of the physique, shaving alongside the course of hair progress offers a shave which isn’t fairly as shut however which is exponentially much less prone to trigger rashes, cuts, or ingrown hair. Typically it’s suggested to shave alongside the course of progress a number of instances earlier than trying the nearer against-the-grain reduce.

As with all shaving, the pores and skin will turn out to be desensitized with repeated shaving, so perseverance will finally enhance the outcomes.

Opposite to some assumptions, shaving the genitals is just not prone to make them cooler throughout the hotter months. Somewhat, it will probably truly itch and be extra uncomfortable.


Begin with a pointy blade that could be very unlikely to slide out of your arms. Totally different components of the genitals react in another way to being shaved. As beforehand talked about, it’s advised to shave solely with the course of the hair. Shaving towards the grain causes pimples, crimson spots (burns) and itches when regrowing. To get a better shave, go throughout the grain and angled downwards barely.

Shaving within the bathe gives privateness and simple clean-up. Shaving must be repeated each 4-7 days relying on consolation and pace of the regrowth. In case your bathe ever turns into clogged from a build-up of hair name a plumber, or use liquid plumber chemical compounds to unclog the drain.

If it’s the first time trying pubic shaving or the hair is longer, earlier than starting with the razor, trim the size of hair with scissors. Doing so avoids clogging the razor and pointless pulling of the hair. Standing within the bathe with the water not spraying straight on the physique (angle it in the direction of the wall), lather the areas to be shaved. Shaving cream supplies lather required and holds up higher than gel. I’ve discovered that utilizing hair conditioner works fabulously and I can obtain a better shave with it. Do not press as arduous or be as aggressive if utilizing conditioner as a result of it makes your pores and skin softer as effectively which makes it simpler to chop if utilizing an excessive amount of stress.

Pores and skin in these areas may be slightly unfastened. The place you encounter unfastened pores and skin, use one hand to drag the pores and skin taut and the opposite hand to shave. Preserve the lather available as it should doubtless wash away throughout the course of. Watch out to not shave with out lather as a lubricant.

Because the testicles, penis and stomach are all fairly totally different in form, pulling the pores and skin taunt and holding the penis in the suitable place varies on which space is being shaved. Typically, both the penis have to be pulled up in the direction of the stomach button when shaving the shaft or the pores and skin have to be managed ultimately. How far up the stomach to shave is a matter of private choice, with some shaving simply from the extent of the shaft and beneath and others shaving the complete space to the umbilicus (“stomach button”).

As soon as shaved it will probably take a number of months for the hair to develop again. It doesn’t develop again any thicker than it was earlier than, as some imagine. When rising again, it could look like rising again extra thickly, however that is an phantasm as a result of all of the hair is rising again on the similar size as a substitute of at staggered lengths.

Regardless of suggestions to make use of a really sharp blade, some desire to make use of a barely used multi-blade razor. New razors could have a tendency to depart cuts as a result of irregular form of the pores and skin over the genitals. Some shave towards the grain when shaving the shaft of the penis as it’s simple to drag the penis up in a single course and the razor down within the different.

Alternate options to shaving embrace utilizing a non-electric nose-hair trimmer, although the method is time consuming and yields a special look than shaving.


In lots of cultures, ladies are anticipated to have much less hair than males and their our bodies will usually not have as a lot physique or facial hair as males. Specifically, ladies usually tend to shave their underarms, legs, and pubic hair in complete or half.


Begin by eradicating lengthy hair utilizing electrical hair clippers.

If that is your first time truly seeing your scalp shortly, be sure you use each a hand mirror and your fingers to verify for moles, scars and bumps of which you might not be aware- you will want to navigate these areas rigorously within the subsequent steps to keep away from cuts.

Moist the remaining stubble to melt it, then shave utilizing a security razor, ideally a double or triple-bladed one. Use shaving cream or cleaning soap for lubricant.

Shave by beginning within the center on the entrance, and take a swathe all the way in which to the underside on the again. When you’ve got
not shaved earlier than or for a number of days this may increasingly should be carried out in levels. Subsequent, transfer to at least one aspect by half the width of the razor and repeat, till the swathe on the aspect is simply above ear-level. Watch out shaving round your ears. At this stage you’ve gotten shaved your complete head, apart from the higher a part of your side-burns. Shave these by shaving out of your ear in a ahead course. If that is the primary time you’ve gotten shaved your head then cease right here for a day to offer the pores and skin a relaxation, and redo this half earlier than persevering with the subsequent half.

With observe you are able to do all that with barely a glance within the mirror. Talking of mirrors, it is not well worth the trouble of attempting to see the again of your head. It takes an excessive amount of time to set the mirrors up and study to make use of them, and you will get extra cuts attempting than if you happen to do with out. It is a lot simpler to position the fingertips of your non-razor-holding-hand on the again of your head (out of the way in which of the blade after all!) – you will discover it far easier to navigate the razor while not having the ability to see it. The primary few instances get a good friend to verify if you happen to’ve missed any patches. The next process will allow you be assured that you haven’t missed any spots.

Shave your complete head utilizing upward strokes. Begin simply behind one ear on the hair-line and shave upward till you attain the center of your head. Transfer the razor towards the again by half the width of the razor and repeat, till you’ve gotten shaved proper across the again of your head to the again of your different ear. Now, rigorously, shave upward from every ear. The most effective approach is to slip the razor down your head, with the razor head involved however the blades angled away till you attain the highest of your ear, then carry the blades into contact along with your scalp. This allows you catch the pesky little hairs proper by your ear, with out making cuts! Each different approach causes cuts, in the end.

Now shave round your head, taking horizontal strokes. Begin above your ear (proper close to your crown) and shave across the again of your head and all the way in which to the entrance. Transfer the razor down by half the width of the razor and repeat, till you’ve gotten shaved proper right down to your ears. Proceed, half a razor-width at a time, from the again of 1 ear to the again of the opposite, till you are at collar stage. Now repeat within the different course, from the opposite ear.

Now, you are lastly completed! You could have shaved the again of your head in 4 instructions, half a razor width at a time. There can’t be a single whisker left! With a little bit observe you are able to do the entire job with out utilizing a mirror, in three minutes or much less.

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