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Apply lotion after shaving for smoother pores and skin!

Cleansing up[edit]


It is best to make use of chilly water to wash up the pores and skin after shaving, as this closes the pores.


Rinse off your blade in water (except you are utilizing an electrical shaver). Dry and oil the blade. Drying and oiling blades will scale back dulling of the blade from oxidation of the sting. Even an inexpensive disposable razor might shave comfortably for months if the blade is dried and oiled after every use. Surprisingly, a top quality straight razor, dried and oiled after every use and sometimes stropped, can go a few years earlier than needing sharpening. A protected oil like meals grade mineral oil or Vaseline needs to be used quite than vegetable oil, which can corrode the blade, or machine lubricating oil, which can be poisonous.

If any hairs stay tangled within the blades be very cautious about eradicating them. Don’t strive to select hairs from a security razor along with your fingers, that is unsafe and you may minimize your fingertips attempting. Attempt to blast out any hairs with excessive strain water. If this does not work, you’ll be able to usually use a small cleansing brush, toothpick, and even tweezers to take away hairs from a security razor.


Wash hair down the drain, or wipe up with a towel. Should you shave within the bathe, clear the hair out of the drain after each time you bathe. Leaving it there can finally end in a clogged drain.


This chapter is on therapeutic from shaving errors.

Razor burns[edit]

Most individuals will expertise razor burns in some unspecified time in the future for numerous causes. There are a number of methods to scale back your probability of getting a extreme irritation. Begin by at all times utilizing a clear and comparatively sharp razor and by no means use previous or rusty razors. This can scale back your probability of getting an an infection when you get minimize, and make it much less doubtless you will want to go over the identical space of pores and skin greater than as soon as. When rinsing a blade by no means use scorching water; tepid water, slightly cooler than what you’d discover comfy for laundry your fingers is greatest. Shave the face with the grain and towards on the neck, different physique components could also be higher with one or the opposite. If you find yourself carried out rinse off any extra cleaning soap cream or hair with tepid water earlier than a last rise with chilly water. Dry your face instantly with a clear dry towel. When you have delicate pores and skin you could need to take into account this when buying shaving cream or cleaning soap in addition to utilizing a lotion or lotion primarily based aftershave. Some individuals have extraordinarily delicate pores and skin that’s irritated merely by the act of shaving, in that case it is best to attempt to solely shave each different day or much less if needed. It is usually necessary to notice that when you’ve got not shaved shortly or don’t shave usually your pores and skin will probably be extra delicate.

(see Folliculitis)


Despite the fact that most razor cuts are small in dimension, they have a tendency to bleed profusely. They’re often fairly simple to deal with as a result of most shaving takes place in a rest room the place medical provides are current. A styptic pencil or block (aluminum sulfate) can be utilized to cease bleeding from razor cuts. This cheap product is out there at any drugstore.

Working chilly water or putting ice over the wound often closes it up rapidly as nicely. An previous trick which may look cheesy however efficient, is utilizing a small piece of cigarette paper (the sort that’s bought individually and used to roll self-made cigarettes). You may as well use a band-aid with a dab of polysporin.


Very gentle cuts could also be handled by making use of strain for a short interval or calmly blotting (“tickling”) away the blood with (clear) fingers till they clot on their very own.

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