Benign Penis Bumps: Recognizing Fordyce Spots

When doing a cautious inspection of the manhood (which needs to be part of each man’s common penis care routine), many a man notices his penis and/or scrotum are pocked with tiny penis bumps. Panic could also be his first response, and with good purpose: generally penis bumps generally is a signal of a severe subject. However usually penis bumps are fairly benign, and that’s particularly the case when these bumps are Fordyce spots.

A typical incidence

Fordyce spots are fairly frequent, with some estimates that 80% of adults might have Fordyce spots (though not all the time on their sexual organs; the mouth is one other prime goal). So that they’re frequent, however what are they?

Fordyce spots are small spots, normally white or pale purple. Sometimes they’re between 1 and three mm in diameter and barely raised above the floor of the pores and skin. They’re painless, even when touched or prodded. They usually happen in massive teams, relatively than as a person bump or two.

And naturally, as talked about above, the excellent news is that they are benign. They do not imply a man has a illness or has not been paying correct consideration to his penis well being. They’re only a pure incidence.

Why are they?

However what makes them come round within the first place? The reply: the sebaceous glands.

For individuals who do not bear in mind their highschool biology, the sebaceous glands are glands within the pores and skin accountable for secreting the oils that maintain the pores and skin easy and wholesome. Thus they’re usually related to the presence of hair follicles, which assist ship that oil from beneath the pores and skin to the floor, the place it might probably do probably the most good.

So Fordyce spots are actually simply sebaceous glands which can be too near the floor. As to why they have a tendency to look within the sexual organs (and the mouth) relatively than on different elements of the physique, scientists aren’t actually positive. And since they’re innocent, there’s not plenty of demand for scientists to research.


As soon as they know that Fordyce spots are innocent, many males simply overlook about these little penis bumps. It helps that usually the bumps on the penis should not actually seen besides when the penis is erect and its pores and skin stretched taut (though these on the testicles are usually seen extra of the time).

Different males, nonetheless, should not so blasé concerning the spots and really feel they detract from the fantastic thing about their member. They might hunt down therapies to rid themselves of the bumps. Medical doctors are inclined to discourage this, however males who’re decided to take away the spots do have some choices. Vaporizing laser therapies have been discovered to achieve success for some males (though there’s all the time the potential for some scarring). Pulsed dye lasers are reputed to have much less probability of scarring. Another surgical methods have additionally been used.

Nonetheless, most males with Fordyce spots settle for these penis bumps and focus as an alternative on sustaining the general well being of their member. Utilizing a primary price penis well being crème (well being professionals advocate Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically confirmed gentle and secure for pores and skin) is a wonderful solution to receive this aim. When a person has a wholesome penis, much less consideration is drawn to small blemishes like Fordyce spots, so utilizing a crème with a mixture of moisturizers is essential. One with each a high-end emollient (corresponding to Shea butter) and a pure hydrator (like vitamin E) offers a potent moisturizing punch that retains pores and skin easy and supple. If the crème additionally comprises alpha lipoic acid, a lot the higher. A robust antioxidant, alpha lipoic acid wages battle in opposition to the nasty free radicals that may promote oxidative stress and result in aged, older-looking penis pores and skin.

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