Beat Cancer – Graviola and the Rainforest Healing Powers


A Miracle Plant from the Amazon Area

Latin Title: Annona Muriaca


“The time has come” – what number of instances we’re listening to this sentence, nonetheless it’s true as a result of we live in instances of giant challenges, adjustments and shifts the place secrets and techniques of many various side of life are getting revealed to be recognized by the general public – folks are also extra brave to talk out what all ought to know and YES, if thousands and thousands KNOW a reality, those that are hiding options, should give up.

The most important lie about Most cancers Therapies and Chemo Remedy

The Powers of Graviola (Guanabana in Brazil – Soursop USA)

1) Beats 12 sort of forms of most cancers equivalent to Breast Most cancers, Stomach Most cancers, Ovary Most cancers, Uterus Most cancers, Lung Most cancers, Prostate Most cancers, Boon Most cancers, Pancreas Most cancers, Pores and skin Most cancers, Blood Most cancers (Leukemia), Bladder Most cancers, Liver Most cancers


Salubrious approach again to a wholesome state

2) The Fruit accommodates a substance known as ACETOGENIN that has been confirmed as 10.000 (ten thousand instances) stronger as ACETOGENIN, the drug used for Chemo remedy everywhere in the world with the results of 90% to 10% survivors solely – a Bingo Recreation with the life of individuals in all nations as a result of the remedy is already recognized.

3) As it’s a NUTRIENT it really works from INSIDE OUT – consuming up the most cancers cells, any sort of viruses, micro organism and so forth. Vitamins don’t have any negative effects on our physique!!! – unbelievable, miraculous, BUT TRUE (I had the respect to expertise many individuals with most cancers even in a really superior state who have been getting nicely with a Energy Juice containing Graviola and there are 1000s in Latin America who had the possibility to learn about it since 9 years of purposes. Answer, Actual Treatment and completely heal with out Chemo. In case that the medical doctors ordain Chemo this Particular ready Juice has the powers to guard the wholesome cells from burning and permits simply the most cancers cells to be destroyed, no nausea, no hair loss, neither some other widespread negative effects taking that energy plant of therapeutic concurrently.

MY mom wouldn’t be alive with out Graviola.

It’s TIME TO SHARE and to SHAKE the World of Most cancers and to shift the 90% to 10% right into a 10% to 90% of survivors!!!

right here is the possibility to find out about a proven fact that there’s something that has the ability to remedy most cancers, that it has been scientifically confirmed and that it has been hidden away from folks as a result of it comes from Mom Nature and can’t be patented in any approach.

Normal Info: In regards to the Plant:

Graviola is an ever inexperienced tree rising within the Amazon area of Brazil and in different nations which can be touched by the Amazon Forest. It additionally grows within the tropical rainforest of North America. He grows as much as 15 meter excessive coated with inexperienced, lengthy and shiny leaves. His divine fruit is inexperienced generally a bit yellow shining, has the type of a human coronary heart with a pores and skin trying variety like an enormous cactus. Its white fruit flesh is eatable and other people should buy it on the native Markets. The diameter of the fruit is 20 to 40 cm and native individuals are consuming it out of the hand, the pulp is used to supply a refreshing sour-acid drink or as sorbet.

Indian Tribes use Graviola as drugs since Centuries

Graviola counts with a really lengthy historical past within the tribal natural pure drugs. There are Therapeutic substances in each a part of the plant: part of the highly effective results of the fruit we discover excessive efficient substances within the leaves, the roots, the trunk, the bark and the seeds. Indian Tribes know concerning the worth of that miraculous tree and they’re utilizing the totally different components tor a number of and numerous illnesses and well being Imbalances. Some examples:

In Brazil Roots, Trunk and leaves are used as sedative tee and in opposition to nervousness, in different Latin America nations as sedative and as coronary heart tonic medium, additionally for Diabetes. The depart tee can also be used for lever issues and combined with olive oil it’s used for Rheumatism, Arthritis and Osteoarthritis ache in Peru. In Brazil they put together a combination out of an immature fruit combined with Olive oil as extern therapy in opposition to Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Leaves are additionally used in opposition to Parasites in Brazil and in opposition to Catarrh in Peru.

Fruit, Seeds and Leaves are utilized in opposition to fever, all sort of parasites, worms, diarrhea, in Brazil additionally to assist growing the milk of girls after giving start.

In different nations equivalent to Haiti, West Indies and Jamaica are utilizing Graviola as anti spasmodic, sedative, coughs and flu, as nerve strengthening tee, for bronchial asthma, hypertension and all sort of parasites, diarrhea and issues at childbirth.

Graviola and Science –

Most cancers Analysis – Scientific Outcomes on Graviola

The Graviola Fruit is already underneath analysis because the late 39 of final century – At that Time the science discovered that the plant has parts, pure rules and properties known as “Annonacaeous Acetogenins”, pure chemical substances which can be confirmed to be extremely efficient in opposition to many sort of tumor cells with parts which can be discovered as toxins that kills the most cancers cells in a really particular approach. Merely spoken Graviola has parts which can be capable of isolate each most cancers cell, to construct a sort of bubble round it avoiding that the most cancers cell can get any additional nutrient, so it dies. The lifeless most cancers cells are eradicated by the personal physique system with none negative effects. These parts are hidden in all components of the tree and in several mixture they’re used for a lot of totally different sort of illness. They’re documented as anti-microbus, anti-parasitic, antitumorous, anti-cancerous, anti-depressive and anti-spasmodic. A number of examine outcomes have been revealed however few folks reacted.

Since 1976 profound researches of the Nationwide Most cancers Institute of the USA resulted in curing an “Adenocarcinoma” of the massive gut after quick time. The therapeutic impact confirmed the ability of Graviola and her parts. This highly effective element has been found by the German Analysis Scientist and Oncologist Helmut Keller and with three extra Scientists they realized many research on Graviola. Because the Plant does NOT ALLOW any chemical course of with out shedding the therapeutic powers by no means no person acquired to learn about this efficient most cancers therapy. WHY??? – as a result of it solely works in pure kind and a plant can’t be patented in any kind, so the Pharmaceutical World and the Monopoles couldn’t get any revenue from it and that’s the reason they hided the data.


Graviola accommodates very energetic, cytotoxic results in opposition to most cancers cells with a chemo therapeutic energy that’s 10.000 x stronger as Adriamicin, the drug that’s used for conventional Chemo Remedy, – with none sort of negative effects!

(Since some time the HSI is providing now the copies of the outcomes that may be purchased for 25,00USD)

After the affirmation that Graviola can remedy naturally Most cancers the Nationwide Well being Institute has indicated 20 Labs to research the plant throughout 20 years with none outcome to rework the energetic rules into a legitimate treatment. On the finish they gave up and let the miraculous findings within the drawer of their institutes.

Since 1996 different teams of scientists did researches on Graviola and discovered that the fruit possesses traits in opposition to tumor formation and that it produces selective toxins in opposition to totally different sorts of most cancers cells, with out attacking wholesome cells. They confirmed the findings of their outcomes have been revealed eight totally different medical research.

The totally different research of various laboratories resulted in unimaginable findings that the Acetogenines of Graviola have an unbeatable element in prevention of enzyme formations, that are solely discovered within the diaphragm by tumors and most cancers cells. That’s the reason, why they’re toxic just for most cancers cells with out attacking wholesome cells. The Acetonines acknowledge the sick cells isolates the person most cancers cells and for lacking vitamins the most cancers cell dies.

Within the yr 1997 a small group of scientists discovered, that Graviola accommodates additionally alkaloids which have an anti-depressive impact. In the identical yr the PARDU UNIVERSITY revealed the data that they found much more powers inside Graviola. Their medical research confirmed that the “Annonacae Acetonine” in Graviola are so efficient, that they don’t solely kill regular most cancers cells, however that also they are very efficient in killing these most cancers cells which can be resistant on Chemo Remedy. This investigation defined how that’s attainable: These most cancers cells that survive the Chemo Remedy are creating resistance in opposition to many different sort of medicine, known as Multi-Drug-Resistant (MDR) what makes them immune in opposition to any therapy and leads the affected person 100% to loss of life.

After 20 12 months of analysis the Pharma Trade acquired conscious of the Plant and began analysis by their very own looking for a kind and technique to remodel the energetic rules and parts right into a most cancers treatment. Additionally they failed. Graviola doesn’t enable any sort of chemical copy. It’s reconfirmed that Graviola solely works because it grows in nature and it beats most cancers higher then any artificial drug or heavy poison rays. Till in the present day many various teams of scientists are nonetheless researching to create the same product as Annonacins and it nonetheless works solely prefer it grown in Nature.

All that data has been stored in secret as a result of Pharmacies couldn’t remodel it into one thing that might give them an enormous revenue. So that they gave proof that they aren’t actually taken with heal folks however in making large income from those that are already sufficiently hidden by the illness itself. Why would someone create so many pointless ache when there’s something a lot stronger and with none life threatening aspect impact.

On the finish of the nineties one of many Scientists who was a part of one of many analysis groups broke the silence for causes of consciousness and among the stories have been accessible for the drugs world. Concurrently some folks from Brazil acquired sort of divine steerage to go to the Amazon and to check the Crops of the Rainforest. They have been integrating the native folks to be taught from them as their information about therapeutic crops of the Rainforest is reaching again in time for a lot of centuries.

The nice factor is that for one time on this world the science is NOT discovering a approach of manipulation – the ability of therapeutic most cancers lies in Graviola and a number of other additional crops that God preserved for use just like the Almighty lets it develop. It’s a blessing for Mankind and a present from Mom Earth – A get up name to develop into aware and to start out honoring the items now we have forgotten that they exist. Once we destroy the rainforests we destroy the lungs of our planet and with out oxygen all life will die. We have to open up our hearts to know that each one what we expertise has an answer and all what we endure of various sort of illness has a pure approach of remedy in nature.

Graviola reveals us the best way

Nutritive Values of Graviola


Iron, potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, sodium, phosphorus, sulfur, Selenium, zinc,


Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C

As well as

Dietary fibers, Tannin, Proteins, Lipides

Ethno-medical Makes use of of Graviola in several Tropical Nations and USA

Latin America:


Abscesses, Tumors, Edemas, Worms, all sort of Parasites, Bronchitis, Respiration Difficulties, Coughs, Diabetes, Digestive Imbalances, Dysentery, Gut Parasites, the Intestinal/Colic Assaults, Fever, Liver Issues, Neuralgias, Nervousness, common Physique Ache, Rheumatism, Tetanus


Tumors of all variety, Intern Ulcers, Parasites, Lice, Hypertension Diabetes, Dysentery, Indigestion, Irritation, Flu, Liver Problems, Spasms, Fever and as a Sedative


Tumors, Ulcers, Parasites, Worms, Digestive Problems (Dyspepsia), Diarrhea and Kidney Issues: Renal Insufficiency – Renal Failure


Tapeworm, Indigestion, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Fever, Chest Colds, Ringworm, Scurvy, Styptic (bleeding)

The Caribbean:

Colds, chills, fever, flu, diarrhea, indigestion, nervousness, palpitations, rash, spasms, pores and skin illness, and as a sedative and calmative agent


Gallbladder Issues, Nervousness, as a Sedative and Calmative Agent, Childbirth


Parasites, Lice, Flu, Digestive Sluggishness, Diarrhea, Fever, Coughs, Ache, Weak spot, Wounds, Pellagra, Nervousness, Cardiopathy, Spasms, Sedative, Lactation Assist after Childbirth,


Parasites, Worms, Bronchial asthma, Fevers, Coronary heart Illness, Hypertension, Lactation Assist after Childbirth, Nervousness, Sedative, Spasms, Tetanus, Water Retention and common Weak spot,


Ringworms, Blood Cleansing Agent, Hypertension, Palpitations, Fainting, Insomnia, Lactation Assist after Childbirth, Flu,


Most cancers, Tumors, Ulcers, Fungal Infections, Gut Parasites, Hypertension, Melancholy

Asia – Malaysia

Furuncles, Coughs, Colds, Diarrhea, Dermatosis, Hypertension, Rheumatism, and to Scale back Bleeding

British West Indies:

Tumors, Gut Parasites, Bronchial asthma, Childbirth, Lactation Assist, Hypertension

Different Nations:

Most cancers, Kidney Issues, Bladder Insufficiency, Liver Problems, Dysentery, Malaria, Abdomen Issues, Ringworm, Lice, Parasites, Childbirth, Bronchial asthma, Hypertension, Coronary heart Illness, Arthritis, Scurvy and as a Sedative

Native Knowledge

After studying about ethnological drugs and their excessive advanced information we must always ask ourselves who’s extra superior. They don’t have any hospitals they usually have NO CANCER or did you ever see a Native in a Most cancers Division of a Hospital? They don’t have Laboratories, they do not remodel any plant right into a tablet and they’re heal.

The Natives nonetheless present us in the present day the best way to stay with nature and the way nature supplies all what we’d like for a wholesome life. What will we because the so known as Civilized World with Nature and with ourselves? We enable harmful exploitation, depletion, exhaustive cultivation, robber economic system, not solely with Mom Nature but additionally with our personal lives. We burn the candle at two ends disrespecting the holiness of our physique. We abuse a most and the tip is lethal illness. Is {that a} marvel? No it’s only a consequence of our points, our habits, our consider techniques and our actions, of out ideas, phrases and the power to look away when issues usually are not in concord with the cosmic order. We simply do not care when it doesn’t hit us personally. To heal actually now we have to heal ALL THE REALMS we live in in any other case we solely get a momentum remedy. Can you’re feeling that? It’s NOT a query of understanding however of feeling!!!!! We shot our emotions down

You go in opposition to your emotions and also you get sick!!!

What number of instances a day we do this???? We’ve got to come back again to the guts and stand as much as protected the pure sources which can be nonetheless intact just like the rainforest as largest supply of therapeutic crops that exists in our world.

A German Physician made vacation within the Amazon Area and he was questioning what number of pure cures are there available on the market. He took among the to attempt to as I began to show in Germany about Graviola and the Rainforest he confirmed up and stated: I’m director of a Hospital and I used to be searching for a technique to make folks the Amazonian Therapeutic Powers obtainable. I our Hospital now we have a brand new system and are open for various therapeutic strategies. We provide open Seminaries and you’ll come everytime you need to speak about most cancers and different illness. I did for Diabetes….. it was superb

So the Western Nations are studying about Graviola and the Therapeutic Powers of Graviola, the miraculous fruit that brings by no means ending surprises to folks with most cancers and different heavy illness. Graviola is an opportunity for all those that are hidden by Most cancers or one of many different illnesses of civilization.

This Publication once more is a Get up Name and a Probability to outlive Most cancers. I

Graviola isn’t solely a miracle in opposition to most cancers cells, however has additionally parts (outcomes of researches) that may eradicate different chemical substances like cortisone, medicine and all variety poisons in our physique. That is UNIQUE as Cortisone stays into folks’s our bodies endlessly with the horrendous aspect impact that individuals are gaining weight fro nothing. Graviola is the ability of life that is ready to clear all poisons we’re uncovered in the present day in our each day life in air, water and vitamins. It has the superb pure efficiency to wash and to regenerate our physique cells. Simply keep in mind that our physique is the Holy Temple of Life that deserves all our respect as a result of the physique makes us the present to be alive and to expertise this excellent private journey on this stunning planet, to have enjoyable and develop in all senses once we preserve us in a wholesome state.

This Plant and lots of others are a present of Divine Supply and Mom Earth preserved for our instances to recollect the love we must always have for our divine automobile, for ourselves and for all life. Divine Supply and Mom Earth have the medium for individuals who have misplaced religion within the each day battle for survival.

This fruit has the type of an enormous coronary heart to indicate you even by its kind that solely the guts can heal with none sort of human manipulation, pure and pure like it’s given.

Just a little perception of my very own experiences:

As Multi-Dimensional Free Manner Healer I realized to go straight to the reason for a illness that’s created by denying emotions, psychic shocks, and heavy experiences on coronary heart and soul degree in addition to physique misuse of any variety. It may be karmic origin and even residing on a spot that’s over poisoned by electrical energy or environmental. However we will by no means get sick when our physique protection is working correctly and that opens the door to all what we expertise. The way in which of trigger and impact by no means fails and even incurable illness is curable by cosmic legislation. I all the time was pushed to the Rainforest and I knew deep inside that some sort of remedy for the bodily physique ought to exist in that massive pure pharmacy of Mom Earth. I requested God to get one thing into my palms that helps folks quicker to know and quicker to heal to allow them to be taught on massive scale and never simply one after the other.

7 years in the past – I used to be at about to journey to Germany and the day earlier than a pal of my religious group from years in the past over sudden crossed my approach and he or she requested me when I’m going to journey once more to Germany and if I may assist the subsequent time I’m going to open an enterprise that sells Amazon Pure Vitamins which can be an influence home of therapeutic and there may be no person who speaks nicely German. Effectively, the phrase Amazon was hitting me like an electrical shock and I used to be simply going the subsequent day… Is that this the reply of my prayers I believed. After one week one thing drove me to get in contact and I felt the duty to name. The consultant got here to current the merchandise, 7 at the moment. He began to clarify every one and as I held the bottle of a combination of Graviola and 6 different anti cancerous parts in my palms instantaneously my total physique was growing super warmth waves and supply transmitted: that’s what you will have requested for. After all I studied all I needed to and stood in Germany for 9 month to get the data out combating the meanings and beliefs of conventional most cancers remedy.

There are such a lot of circumstances I used to be testimony of that it might fill books and it might made you cry because it does with 100s of individuals once they hear on the annual gathering folks telling their tales of survival within the final second – their despair dealing with loss of life and their households and not using a penny left as a result of no assurance would take the payments anymore – household promoting every thing they need to protected a beloved one.

One pal of mine Brazilian Plastic Surgical procedure Specialist acquired Leukemia Myeloid and the wanted urgently a cell transplant – she was on an inventory quantity 989 – I previous four month together with her engaged on her and eventually we may entry the merchandise and the physician of the enterprise stated to her: You already know that you’re within the palms of God? Sure – however nonetheless we’ll give it a strive – you bought to take 5 totally different merchandise and we discovered a sponsor – in the present day she has a basis for deserted animals – she left her wheel chair behind and he or she is okay!!!!

All these experiences are divine one after the other however I believe that extra folks have to learn about it – from mouth to mouth it’s simply to sluggish – there are such a lot of folks struggling for nothing. The Woman who turned director of the German enterprise had 5 forms of most cancers – 5 kids – her greatest pal a director of a Hispital – he instructed her to go house and to spend the final time together with her kids – that his artwork has come to an finish and that he’s so sorry. At house a pal handed by and instructed her about these merchandise – she loves life and he or she took one product solely – after every week she felt stronger – her life powers got here again she felt that she may make it and he or she stated she would solely go and present up entrance of her physician and pal when she was advantageous. After 6 month she visited him within the hospital – he cried and requested what she did – she talked concerning the merchandise and halleluiah the physician in the present day is working in his hospital with these merchandise too. There may be not solely hope THERE IS HEALING OUT THERE and other people should be knowledgeable!

Right here some extra proof I discovered in several stories of the 100 strongest Underground Cures:

CANCER “MAGIC BULLET” DISCOVERED – however drug big hushes it up!

10,000 instances stronger than chemotherapy with no antagonistic negative effects

DARYL S. HAD 12 TUMORS IN HIS PROSTATE. However he obtained a cutting-edge therapy that helped save his life. And… In Three months, his PSA dropped AND THE TUMORS DISAPPEARED

HOW? Daryl’s secret was the assistance of an incredible tree that grows deep within the Amazon rainforest. Known as Graviola, it might nicely show to be the last word cancer-fighter. Research by the Nationwide Most cancers Institute already present that Graviola extract is 10,000 instances stronger than high chemotherapy medicine…

But it is unimaginable precision hunts down most cancers cells whereas leaving wholesome cells utterly alone! Graviola simply appears to “know” which cells to kill and which to keep away from. There is no nausea, no hair loss, no weight reduction, no weakening of the immune system.

The information about Graviola despatched shockwaves by way of HSI’s in depth medical community. However the story behind Graviola is simply as surprising.

As we realized, this lifesaving discovery was very almost denied to mankind. And I am sorry to say the reason being that someone sat on the analysis. The path of proof clearly reveals…

For 7 lengthy years, a billion-dollar drug firm coated it up!

What’s extra, that is undoubtedly not the primary time that one thing like this has occurred. Following is a textbook instance of how fashionable drug analysis works, and the way your well being falls sufferer to the pursuit of cash and energy:

It began within the early 1990s, when this well-known drug big began pouring cash into the seek for a most cancers remedy…

What gave Jacqueline the ability to CONQUER BREAST CANCER?

JACQUELINE HAD BREAST CANCER, however she additionally had an enormous benefit in her battle. Better of all, it really works by utilizing your personal physique’s military of pure “killer cells.” So, it really makes you’re feeling extra energetic, slightly than sapping your power. Like many such corporations, they have been intrigued by the therapeutic powers of rainforest crops. They found that Graviola was being utilized by Amazon Indians to deal with an enormous vary of illnesses. And once they examined its cancer-fighting powers, bingo, they found a revolution…

However you may’t make megabucks from any remedy UNLESS YOU PATENT IT…

And nobody can patent a tree that is been round for thousands and thousands of years. So the drug agency tried for seven years to provide you with man-made duplicates. However they hit a brick wall. Strive as they could, they could not match Mom Nature. Lastly, they tossed within the towel…

Okay, they’re in enterprise to earn cash. Nice. However let me ask you…

If the analysis information for this breakthrough have been sitting in your desk, what would you do with them? Name a information convention? Ship out press releases?

On the very least, would not you publish all of them in a distinguished medical journal? In any case, greater than 6 million People have died from most cancers in the previous few many years.

Assume what number of might need been saved if a discovery like this had been obtainable. However, as an alternative of turning it over to impartial researchers…….-

They boxed it up, put it on the shelf – AND TURNED OFF THE LIGHT

Fortunately, one brave researcher simply could not stay with that call. He spilled the beans… and the outcome might develop into probably the most life-saving substance on earth. Extra medical trials are wanted, however greater than 20 research to this point have already established that…

Graviola can wipe out 12 forms of most cancers cells, together with breast, prostate, colon, lung and pancreatic tumors

But, in contrast to any chemotherapy drug, it leaves wholesome cells undamaged.

A miracle? Maybe. But even now, not one drug firm we all know of has picked it up and run with it.

WHY? Identical cause. Nobody can legally patent it.

Are you beginning to see?

AMAZON MIRACLE TREE fights far more than most cancers

Whereas scientific analysis on Graviola has targeted on its cancer-fighting powers, the tree has been used for hundreds of years by tribal healers to deal with an astonishing array of illnesses:





*muscle spasm

*diarrhea neuralgia








My report continues right here: Healings -Cures – and Lies about Standard Therapies

True instance: In Germany one of many Sufferers of Dr. D. Hamer (engaged on the psychic shocks for most cancers remedy) suffered breast Most cancers and he or she was requested thrice within the hospital if she is Jewish and he or she denied – she had members of the family who have been however she wasn’t. She was questioning first why they requested that. The following day one other physician appeared in her Hospital room providing her a heavy therapy aside of the chemo remedy and he instructed her that folks with most cancers have solely 10% probabilities to outlive however she could possibly be one of many 10% when she would settle for this unimaginable costly proposal. The acquired conscious of why she was requested if she is Jewish and because it was not the identical physician, she answered, sorry I can not do this as I’m Jewish – the physician replied: oh I did not know and leaving the room he remarked: you can be advantageous in any case…… are you able to consider that? However that’s the reality about heavy and costly therapies and other people consider the Chemo (90% do not make it) and endure for nothing…. The Woman reported the medical doctors and left the hospital. One factor is the large lie about Most cancers – the opposite aspect has the answer and isn’t sufficiently recognized but to assist many individuals and youngsters avoiding a lot pointless ache. You’ll develop into porter of the key – throughout Could I’ll ship out a report concerning the plant and the best way to get the juice product that’s saving 1000s of lives since 9 years in Latin America and 5 different nations – not in USA but aside of some pals of mine I despatched the product to assist them get nicely.

(She is German and the report is to seek out on Dr Hamer’s German Web site)


What extra can I say now as that I’ve experiences with Graviola since 7 years – As I realized by steerage how circumstances are set into movement that leads to heavy illness or chronicle illness, even aids is likely one of the largest lies, throughout this yr I’ll publish extra stories on merchandise and pure powers for a lot of of illnesses which can be utilized by the science to as an excellent revenue as an alternative to tell about easy cures from inside out. Graviola helps reproducing the killer cells with out our physique that’s the reason self protection it rising quick because the personal physique helps the vitamins to combat the sick cells within the physique construction -any of them.

The newest research in Brazil have confirmed that the product mixture with Graviola has a element that kills even the Hospital Virus – this can be a killer virus with out remedy till in the present day that’s 1000% lethal – we acquired outcomes which can be superb. In the mean time the element who does that that been discovered.

We’re working to get data out to medical doctors and various healers. There may be a lot to be taught and to do as a result of the best shift must be performed in training. It’s not simple to show individuals who have been pushed in just one path to consider denying all different methods,even when their very own life is dependent upon that.

The rationale of most cancers is a psychic shock and it’s not so troublesome to find out about it – recreate your life from inside out and use the fruits, crops and pure components that Mom Earth grows so we will get nicely. Let’s open our hearts and minds for the Amazon Rainforest and be part of folks work fro the safety of this final marvel of an intact ecosystem and cease burning down 5000 sq. miles every day so some folks could make their revenue. They’re killing life itself and we’re the crown of creation and may honor all LIFE in first place as holy!!!!

And do not forget: Miracles of life are there for everyone

Blessings and time for reflection

Regina E.H.Ariel

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