Aquarius, Conservatism and the Iron Fist

Aquarians usually get a superb press. It is as a result of the signal is considered being open-minded, in addition to being oriented in the direction of the long run. Issues are additional improved by the affiliation with the Age of Aquarius, so hyped by the ‘sixties musical Hair:

No extra falsehoods or derisions
Golden residing desires of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the thoughts’s true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!

All very good, however I am afraid it would not ring true. In conventional astrology the signal Aquarius is dominated by Saturn, which is a right down to earth planet, that guidelines limitation somewhat than freedom.

It is most likely due to Saturn’s affect that Aquarians have a status for being independent-minded. Saturn might be fairly a solitary affect, that encourages folks to set themselves other than the remainder of humanity. And whereas many Aquarians are very sociable, their opinions might be uncommon, in addition to being inflexible.

An excessive instance of the signal Aquarius is Nazi Germany. Hitler got here to energy on January 30 1933, so we are able to regard Nazi Germany as being an Aquarian entity. It trampled on the norms of first rate behaviour, and was transfixed by a fantasy, which it put into motion with brutal effectivity.

One other Aquarian entity is the Islamic regime in Iran, which got here to energy on February 11 1979. We see the Saturn ingredient, with the unbending traditionalism, in addition to the dogmatic adherence to a spiritual ideology.

Apparently February 11 1979 was Sarah Palin’s fifteenth birthday – she was born on February 11 1964.

I watched Sarah Palin’s marketing campaign for the Vice Presidency, and to me she came to visit as a typical Aquarian. She looked like being a free cannon, who preferred to do issues her method, who did not slot in with the expectations of her marketing campaign crew.

Over the course of the 2008 marketing campaign Sarah Palin’s mind was incessantly criticised, and we must always do not forget that one of many key phrases astrologers usually ascribe to the signal Aquarius is ‘mental’.

At this stage we must always maybe distinguish between data and intelligence. Sarah Palin was caught out as a result of there have been gaps in her data about politics and world affairs. But you might be clever with out being knowledgable.

I believe in Sarah Palin’s case it was about slender focus. Some issues have been vital to her, as a conservative Governor of Alaska, different issues weren’t value bothering with.

Ronald Reagan was one other Aquarian, who was not famous for his mental skills. He was dogmatic in what he believed in – like Sarah Palin – and he truly believed that Communism could possibly be defeated. This flew within the face of accepted knowledge, however as historical past confirmed, he was proper.

Then there’s Dick Cheney, former US Vice President and one in every of America’s most influential conservatives. There’s nothing fluffy or pie-in-the-sky about Dick Cheney. He is an absolute realist, and he believes that America should defend her pursuits, via a robust and proactive international coverage.

As for the Age of Aquarius, I am undecided whether or not we must always actually be wanting ahead to it. We might see expertise being harnessed for the aim of repression, and there could possibly be an environment of chilly brutality.

Nevertheless the Age of Aquarius will not be beginning for an additional few centuries, so there isn’t any have to panic. I will be discussing this topic extra in a future article.

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