Anatomy of an Office Chair

The workplace chair is ubiquitous in each a part of the workplace

– in cubicles, the CEO’s room, convention rooms, the

cafeteria, the reception space and extra. Regardless of the space,

the aim is singular – to sit down down in a cushty and

wholesome method.

The workplace chair is not simply one other piece of

furnishings. A whole lot of thought and science goes into designing

workplace chairs. It is because a mistaken choice of workplace

chair might be dangerous in your well being.

The ideas of ergonomics are steadily used to supply

a ache free work atmosphere. Listed below are some key factors to

look out for in a well-designed workplace chair –

1. Chair Top – The peak of the workplace chairs ought to

be simply adjustable. For this, the workplace chair must be

fitted with a pneumatic adjustment lever. The lever ought to

be capable to transfer your chair peak between 16 to 21 inches

from the ground.

That is vital in order that the consumer can sit in accordance with the

peak of the desk. The workplace chair shouldn’t be too

excessive or so low, that the consumer is slouching or straining at

the desk. Elbows ought to be at a 90 angle to the desk.

The ft ought to be flat on the ground.

An vital factor is to make sure that the knees are at a

decrease peak than the hips. This encourages the pure

‘double C’ curvature of the backbone that gives upright

assist to the physique.

2. Chair width and depth – The workplace chairs ought to be

huge sufficient to assist customers of any dimension. Normally, the

workplace chair width ought to range between 17 to 20 inches. The

chair depth is the world from the entrance of the seat to the


The workplace chair depth ought to be large enough for the consumer to

sit again towards the backrest with 2 to Four inches left

between the knees and the seat of the chair.

3. Armrests – Adjustable armrests of workplace chairs enable

the customers’ elbows, arms and shoulders to be rested


4. Backrests – The backrest of the workplace chairs ought to

range between 12 to 19 inches. Once more, like all elements of the

workplace chair, the backrest must also be adjustable sufficient

to maneuver ahead and backward because the consumer needs. A small

cushion might be positioned towards the small of the again to

present a pure curve to the backbone.

5. Swivel – Work within the workplace requires shifting across the

desk space – shifting from the pc to the file cupboard or

reaching out for the telephone. The workplace chair ought to have the option

to rotate to allow the consumer to do all these items with out

placing the physique by way of troublesome contortions.

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