Agarwood – Origin of a Priceless Fragrance

Agarwood, often known as agar, oud, or oodh, is a uncommon excessive price wooden that develops in Aquilaria and Gyrinops bushes in Southeast Asia. The bushes are fast-growing forest bushes and might develop almost 1000 meters in peak. When the bushes grow to be contaminated with a sure mould, they produce a darkish fragrant resin to battle off the assault. The result’s darkish embedded heartwood which is valued in lots of cultures for its distinctive aroma. The primary purpose why Agarwood is uncommon and expensive is the truth that all Aquilaria species are listed because the endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The Aquilaria bushes can develop on various kinds of soils, which embody poor sandy soil. Seedlings require loads of shade and water. These bushes which develop very quick, begin producing seeds and flowers as early as 4 years outdated.

Agarwood Utilization


Agarwood, which is often known as “Wooden of the Gods,” has been extremely valued and traded for 1000’s of years. This fragrant wooden is used for medicinal functions, as incense, and within the distilled type, it’s used as a fragrance part and fragrance. Agarwood is understood across the globe and it’s utilized by spiritual healers within the Center East at therapeutic ceremonies. The Japanese pilgrims donate Agarwood oil and flowers to Shinto-Buddhist temples. In different Delta communities, Vietnamese spiritual teams should carry Agarwood to temple ceremonies. Agarwood oil is darkish and thick, but non sticky. Agarwood oil has been utilized in treating lung and abdomen tumors, fevers, bronchial asthma, most cancers, nausea, bronchial issues, and common pains.


Agarwood oil is utilized in perfumes. Agarwood is used as a base by Amouage and Yves Saint Laurent of their most unique perfumes. Promoting companies introduced the launch of La Assortment M7 Oud Absoluby Yves Saint Laurent in 2011.

Cosmetics and Hair merchandise

Agarwood oil is utilized in hair merchandise to handle dry and frizzy hair. It is usually used for facial lotions and physique lotions.


In nations akin to Malaysia and Taiwan, Agarwood oil is used so as to add taste to curries and native wines.


Agarwood oil comprises a pure part, Valerian, which features to calm the nervous system and relieves insomnia, which permits an individual to have an extended, deeper sleep.


Agarwood has been liked and treasured for 1000’s of years, by romantics and mystics alike. Oud is asserted as an help to spiritual meditation. Lovers use it as an aphrodisiac. Agarwood is utilized in number of highly effective magical formulation for drawing a lover close to.


Agarwood is so uncommon and costly it makes gold and diamond purchases appear inexpensive as compared. First-grade Agarwood is extraordinarily invaluable. Relying on cultural disposition and geographical location, a complete vary of qualities of Agarwood and associated merchandise can be found available on the market. The value of Agarwood oil ranges from a few {dollars} to greater than $30.000 per pound for top of the range. Only some folks have the experience to find out true Agarwood high quality. Agarwood has been utilized in quite a few nations and virtually each spiritual custom all around the world. In actual fact, for 1000’s of years, many cultures have acknowledged Agarwood and Agarwood oil as probably the most invaluable incense and fragrance ingredient.

Way forward for Agarwood

Since Aquilaria bushes are listed as endangered species,farmers in Assam began replanting Agarwood bushes all through the area. Since then, Agarwood nurseries have created tens of 1000’s of wholesome seedlings for Agarwood plantations. The farmers encourage everybody to plant these lovely bushes of their yards as soon as once more.

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