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12 months of Introduction: 2006

1. Know what the most effective forms of supplies are for dyeing and the right way to put together them for dyeing.[edit]

The most effective forms of materials comprise no less than 80% cellulose. This consists of:

  • Cotton
  • Rayon
  • Linen
  • Tencel (Lyocell)

Earlier than tie-dyeing, the fabric needs to be washed to take away any sizing (a substance discovered on new clothes), after which soaked in a shower of soda ash.

2. Know what the aim of the Soda Ash is and the way lengthy the material is to soak.[edit]

Submerging the material in an answer of soda ash prepares the fibers of the material for everlasting chemical bonding with the dye utilized in tie-dyeing. The folded and tied cloth could also be submerged in a shower of soda ash resolution for five–30 minutes. Dye is then utilized, both by submerging the material bundle in a shower of dye or by squirting dyes onto particular areas of the material. Alternatively, the soda ash could also be added on to the dye resolution relatively than soaking the material in an answer of soda ash. After 12–48 hours, relying temperature, dye, and the specified brightness of the ultimate product, the material could be rinsed and unwrapped.

3. Know the aim of the Urea that’s combined with the Dye.[edit]

Urea helps to dissolve the dye. It additionally slows the drying course of which permits the dyes to provide vivid colours.

4. What security gear needs to be worn when mixing up the dye for Tie-Dyeing? Why?[edit]

At a minimal, an apron and gloves needs to be worn. Soda ash is considerably caustic, so you don’t want to get it in your pores and skin or in your clothes. You have to be conscious that dye will colour your pores and skin and clothes as simply because it colours a tee-shirt.

5. Decide what the three major colours are.[edit]

The three major colours for dyes are pink, blue, and yellow.

6. Verbally describe what major colours of dye might be wanted to make the next secondary colours. Orange, Inexperienced, & Purple.[edit]

Orange, inexperienced, and purple are referred to as the secondary colours as a result of they’re every made by mixing two major colours. To make Combine this and this

  • Orange = Yellow + Pink
  • Inexperienced = Blue + Yellow
  • Purple = Pink + Blue
Combine this and this To make
Yellow + Pink = Orange
Blue + Yellow = Inexperienced
Pink + Blue = Purple

7. Verbally describe what the result might be if two secondary colours are combined.[edit]

Mixing two secondary colours will produce a shade of brown. This is identical as mixing all three primaries (although it won’t be an equal mixture of the primaries).

8. Use a Kleenex tissue & coloured marker to reveal two several types of folds one may do on a T-shirt.[edit]

Fold the tissue utilizing one of many patterns describe under or make up your individual sample. As soon as the tissue has been folded, colour it with a marker. Then unfold it to see the end result.

Under is an inventory of frequent fashionable tie-dying folds and patterns.


Bullseyes contain a central level which is certain, as if poking the material with a finger or stick then binding the protrusion each 1-2 inches. Often completely different colour dyes are utilized to every certain part to create rings of colour.


Horizontal or vertical stripes are created by pleating the material into a number of small folds, inflicting the dye to unfold laterally. Horizontal pleats make vertical traces, and vertical pleats make horizontal traces.


Spiral patterns contain pleats of cloth organized in swirls round a central level, bundled right into a spherical bun usually resembling a cinnamon bun or a snail’s shell. Completely different wedges of the round bun are dyed completely different colours.


The ‘V’ form achieved by folding a shirt in half vertically, then a line is drawn diagonally from the shoulder space right down to the middle fold of the shirt. The material is then accordion folded alongside the road and certain into a number of areas to which the dye is utilized.


This class can maintain a number of completely different patterns, the vast majority of which don’t have anything to do with one another; they are often combos or they are often as chaotic as bundling the merchandise to be dyed to resemble a plucked hen.

9. Upon getting seen the result of the completely different folds you could have created on tissue, fold & dye an merchandise for your self. Bandana, t-shirt, pillowcase, and many others… All the time take into accout, no two gadgets might be an identical, nor will they be good. Every merchandise might be as distinctive as the person who made it.[edit]

Cowl your work floor with a big sheet of plastic earlier than starting. After folding and tying your fabric, soak it in an answer of soda ash for 30 minutes. After eradicating it from the soda bathtub, place the merchandise on the plastic sheet and use squirt bottles to spray the dye on to the material. Use as many colours as you want, following the colour mixing pointers introduced above to realize the specified impact. You might also submerge the merchandise in a vat of dye.

When you find yourself completed making use of the dye, wrap the merchandise in cellophane and let it sit for 24 hours. Then rinse it in chilly water till the dye stops operating. Wash it in sizzling water the primary couple of occasions it’s laundered, however don’t wash it with different clothes, as there’s a good probability of ruining them.

10. Put on or deliver this merchandise to the subsequent assembly in your membership members to see.[edit]

If you’re doing this by yourself as an alternative of as a membership, be sure you clear this together with your counselor or director forward of time. Many golf equipment award “advantage factors” for sporting the correct uniform to a membership assembly, and you don’t want to lose factors since you did not assume forward!

Why not mix this honor with Silk Display screen Printing as a inventive manner in your membership to make new discipline uniforms?


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