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Plastic Canvas
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Yr of Introduction: 2006

1. What’s plastic canvas?[edit]

Prepare made in Plastic Canvas
  • Plastic canvas is a light-weight plastic materials with commonly spaced holes in imitation of embroidery canvas. It is usually generally generally known as vinyl weave.
  • Plastic canvas is as the bottom/basis for needlepoint or different canvas work embroidery, often in acrylic or wool knitting yarn. As a result of the plastic is inflexible, it may be utilized in creating three-dimensional initiatives like tissue field covers, small jewellery packing containers, purses, and different ornamental gadgets.
  • Plastic canvas is available in many colours and varied dimension holes for various thicknesses of yarn. As with textile canvas, these are described in rely – 10-count plastic canvas has 10 holes per linear inch. Typical sizes are 7-, 10-, and 14 rely. It additionally is available in pre-made shapes equivalent to circles, triangles, in addition to novelty shapes (e.g. dinosaurs, birds, and so forth.).
  • Plastic canvas can be used to show needlepoint and cross sew to kids, as a result of it’s inflexible and doesn’t want the usage of a hoop or body.

2. Identify 4(4) forms of plastic canvas and provides a short description of every.[edit]

On the challenge sample you will discover that the plastic canvas grid is both counted out by utilizing the phrases traces or threads or by holes or squares. You could find the next 4 sizes:

  • 5 holes to the inch
  • 7 holes to the inch
  • 10 holes to the inch
  • 14 holes to the inch

Plastic canvas sheets are clear or coloured, stiff or gentle, which turns into the next 4 varieties:

  • clear & stiff
  • clear & gentle
  • coloured & stiff
  • coloured & gentle

3. Which sort of yarn is greatest to be used on plastic canvas?[edit]

One of the best sort of yarn to make use of is common worsted weight yarn. It’s cheap, is available in many colours, and is broadly out there.

4. Describe the next forms of yarn and say on which kind of canvas they work greatest[edit]


To do:
Point out on which kind of canvas they work greatest

a. Worsted Weight Yarn[edit]

Worsted (pronounced ‘woo-stid), is the identify of a yarn, the material constituted of this yarn, and a yarn weight class. The important function of a worsted yarn is straightness of fiber, in that the fibers lie parallel to one another. Historically, lengthy, high quality staple wool was spun to create worsted yarn, however different lengthy fibres are additionally used right now.

The time period “worsted” is commonly utilized to any yarn spun from fibres three inches in size or longer which were carded or combed, and spun, not simply wool. Acrylic and different yarns will be known as “worsted,” as a lot a reference to the burden of the yarn because the manufacturing course of.

b. Sport Weight Yarn[edit]

Sport weight yarn is a bit lighter than worsted yarn, having 12 wraps per inch (wpi) in comparison with 9 wpi for worsted.

c. Tapestry Yarn[edit]

Tapestry yarn or tapestry wool is a tightly twisted 4-ply yarn.

d. Persian Wool[edit]

Persian yarn is a loosely twisted 3-strand yarn of wool or acrylic, typically used for needlepoint.

e. Pearl Cotton[edit]

Pearl cotton, Perle cotton, or French coton perlé is an S-twisted, 2-ply thread with excessive sheen, bought in three sizes or weights (No. 3, 5, and eight, with Three being the heaviest).

f. Embroidery Floss[edit]

Embroidery floss or stranded cotton is a loosely twisted, barely shiny 6-strand thread, often of cotton but in addition manufactured in silk and rayon. Cotton floss is the usual thread for cross-stitch. Extraordinarily shiny rayon floss is attribute of Brazilian embroidery.

5. What sort of needle is used on plastic canvas? Which dimension needle is used on every sort of plastic canvas?[edit]

Blunt finish Tapestry needle is used on plastic canvas.

6. Which devices are used for chopping plastic canvas? How do you chop plastic canvas?[edit]

Use sharp scissors to chop the canvas the place two factors meet or nook. Ensure you minimize off the information cautious sufficient that you do not go away a chunk protruding (the yarn will catch) and that you do not minimize an excessive amount of and weaken the nook. You can too use an xacto knife to chop the canvas whereas positioned on a self therapeutic chopping mat.

7. Identify not less than ten (10) stitches and make a one-inch pattern of every.[edit]

Tent Sew[edit]

Tent sew is a small, diagonal embroidery sew that crosses over the intersection of 1 horizontal and one vertical thread of needlepoint canvas forming a slanted sew at a 45 diploma angle. It is usually generally known as Petit level and Needlepoint sew and is likely one of the most elementary and versatile stitches utilized in needlepoint and different canvas work embroidery.

Tent sew variants[edit]

There are three forms of tent sew, all producing the identical look on the entrance of the canvas however every labored in a barely completely different method and having explicit traits, makes use of, advantages and downsides. These variants of tent sew are generally known as basketweave, continental and half cross tent stitches:

  • Basketweave tent sew
    The basketweave type of tent sew is labored in diagonal rows up and down the canvas. The yarn on the again of the canvas has a typical basketweave look, with alternating horizontal and vertical stitches. Basketweave is the perfect sew to make use of for overlaying giant areas of canvas because it doesn’t distort the canvas as the opposite two types of tent sew do.
  • Continental tent sew
    Continental sew is labored from proper to left throughout the canvas. It is main use is for working a single row of sewing however could also be labored in a number of rows if essential. It may also be used for stitching vertical traces. It’s usually used for working a single line or for filling very small areas due to the tendency of the sew pressure to drag and warp the canvas floor cloth out of form. This technique makes use of extra yarn than half cross sew tent sew however is extra hardwearing.
  • Half cross tent sew
    Half cross sew is labored from left to proper throughout the canvas. As with Continental tent sew it is main use is for working a single row of sewing however could also be labored in a number of rows if essential. It may also be used for stitching vertical traces. It’s usually used for working a single line or for filling very small areas due to the tendency of the sew pressure to drag and warp the canvas floor cloth out of form. This technique makes use of much less yarn than different stitches however just isn’t very sturdy as protection on the again of the canvas is a bit of skinny.

Bargello Method[edit]

Bargello refers not only a stitching method, however motifs created by the change of colours within the stitches. This part describes the vertical sew and the way it’s mixed with coloration and ‘stepping’ to create completely different motifs.


Picture(s) created and licensed by Elizabeth Pyatt.

Vertical Stitches[edit]

Most agree that conventional Bargello items incorporate a sequence of all vertical stitches (vs. diagonal stitches). The fundamental unit is often a vertical sew of 4 threads, however different heights are potential.

Some Bargello items use just one peak of sew, however even the earliest items (equivalent to chairs within the Bargello museum) mixed completely different heights of stitches.


Bargello patterns are shaped when vertical stitches are stepped or offset vertically, often by two threads (i.e. midway down a unit of 4 threads). The patterns within the steps mixed with coloration modifications determines how the general sample will emerge.

Flame (Sharp) vs. Curved Motifs[edit]

If vertical stitches are stepped down rapidly, the design kinds sharp factors or zig-zags. This kind of Bargello motif is commonly generally known as “flame sew.” Flame sew will be discovered on the Bargello Museum chairs.

If steps are gradual, then the design will look like curved. Conventional curved bargello motifs embody medallions and ribbons.

8. Make two of the next gadgets utilizing three completely different stitches.[edit]

a. Coaster[edit]

b. Bookmark[edit]

c. Image Body[edit]

d. Fridge Magnet[edit]

e. Christmas Decoration[edit]

f. Door Hanger[edit]

9. Make one of many following utilizing 4 completely different stitches[edit]

a. Tissue Field Cowl[edit]

b. Tote Bag[edit]

c. Floppy Disk Holder[edit]

d. Trinket/Coaster Field[edit]


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