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About Hair

about hair

One of the best ways to care in your hair, to make it extra wealthy and exquisite, is to decide on the
most dependable merchandise from the wide selection of hair cosmetics out there.

Kaminomoto makes your hair lustrous and exquisite ・begin to care in your hair with Kaminomoto as we speak!

Kaminomoto can be utilized for the followings:

  • 1, Prevention of hair loss, dandruff and itchiness of the scalp.
  • 2, Enhancing the operate of the hair root.
  • 3, Regulation of the sebaceous secretion and cleansing of the scalp.
  • 4, Acceleration of hair progress and upkeep of wholesome hair.
  • 5, Therapy of baldness no matter age or intercourse.


What’s hair ?

what is hair

Although it’s totally different from the pores and skin in some ways, hair, like the attractive dermis, is derived from cells.Vitamin is carried by means of capillary vessel to the hair bulb. A small mass of cells on the base of the hair follicles, referred to as the “Matrix”, produces hair.Hair grows and pushes as much as the floor of the scalp. Hair grows about 0.2 to 0.Four mm per day.

The formation of hair

Hair is shaped of a mix of protein referred to as Keratin and Water.

Karatin is tougher and stronger than the protein of the interior organs of the human physique. Keratin yields a number of sorts of amino-acid by hydrolysis.The amino-acids composing Keratin are as follows;Glutamic acid, Threonine, Valine, Cystine, Methionine, Alanine, Isoleucine, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine, Arginine, Proline, Lysine, Serine, Glycine, Histidine, Aspartic acid, Tyrosine and Hydroxylysine.


The character of Hair

  • ・Hair diameter Max: 0.2mm (Mustache) Common:0.05-0.15mm (Hair on scalp)Min: 0.005mm (Downy hair)
  • ・Hair rising velocity: 0.2-0.4mm/day (Eyebrow 0.18mm/day) 6-12mm/month, 7-14cm/yr
  • ・Water content material Common: 10-13% (Wholesome hair) Max: 30% (Water absorption)
  • ・Most hair progress generally Japanese: 70-80cm, People and Europeans: 70cm, Native People: 90cm, Chinese language: 90-100cm, Africans: 25-40cm
  • ・Tensile power of wholesome hair: About 120-180g/hair
  • ・Amount of hair on head (Japanese): Roughly 100,000 hairs
  • ・Physiological (pure) hair loss: 50 to 100 hairs per day
  • ・Elasticity of regular hair Max: 1.4-1.5 occasions
  • ・Deterioration: Non deterioration as much as about 120℃ (about 250 levels Fahrenheit)Expands with warmth at greater than about 120℃, turns from black to brown and turns into weak.
  • ・Chemical Response Weaker in opposition to alkalis. Comparatively stronger in opposition to acids.

What’s lack of hair ?

Why do “Baldness” happen?

Hair is produced by the differentiation of the hair matrix underneath the scalp. Nevertheless, in case of dysfunction of hair papilla (e.g. hormonal imbalance, dietary dysfunction, and so on.), hair papilla stops reproducing hair. There are such a lot of causes of alopecia, equivalent to weak nerves, heredity, hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, seborrhoea, scalp pressure and so forth. Moreover, baldness arising from disappearance of hair papilla brought on by burns, wounds, medicinal injury, syphilis or getting older, and so on.,.
The method is as follows;
Stress Irritation, Medicinal injury, Getting older, Burns and Wounds, Gastroenteric bother, Syphilis and Others.

what is loss of hair ?


Malnutrition of pores and skin, Irregular sebaceous secretion, Decline & destruction of hair matrix

Bother in hair progress

Hair grows about 0.2-0.4mm every day. At present it’s an accepted concept that hair has a lifespan of two to six years. When the hair root dies, hair falls out naturally, and it’s thought of as physiological falling hair and it’s not the irregular situation.
Thus, everybody loses 50-100 hairs every day. After the interval of hair span, new hair replaces the misplaced hair, is rising from the identical follicle. Thus, the cycle of regeneration repeats naturally and the stability of hair alternate is maintained. If the lifespan of hair is shortened or hair progress stops, the cycle can be misplaced and irregular hair loss will enhance.


Is hair loss an sickness ?


It’s irregular when greater than 200 hairs fall out per day, and it may be thought of as form of sickness. There are numerous theories on the causes. Let’s verify the distinction between regular and irregular hair loss:


check of your hair condition

A. Hair root of wholesome falling hair.

check of your hair condition

No downside


Wholesome scalp brings up a pair of wholesome hairs which are thick and robust from every hair pore. They repeat regular hair cycle. The form of wholesome hair root is like an eggplant. (The ratio of size and width is about 2:1)
The lifetime of regular hair is about 5 years.

B. Hair root of irregular falling hair brought on by malnutrition of hair root or poor blood circulation within the scalp.

check of your hair condition

Alopecia or thinning
hair primarily prompted
by male hormone


The swell of hair root is smaller than the foundation of wholesome falling hair. It’s atrophied and slender. It’s a sample of hair root that we steadily see in case of melancholy of hair root by robust male hormone or poor blood circulation within the scalp. Such a hair falls out with out fulfilling the anticipated life-span. The expansion of symptom shortens its Anagen stage, and prone to be downy hair, then it results in skinny hair and baldness.

Causes : Shortening of the hair cycle by the activation of male hormone and poor circulation of the scalp.

Measures : Make smooth scalp and promote blood circulation to hair roots.


C. Irregular hair root by dysfunction of surrounding tissue of hair roots and an environmental deterioration of the scalp / hair pores.

check of your hair condition

Male sample alopecia, alopecia pityrodes,
alopecia seborrheica and thinning hair


We are able to see just a few scraps of tissue / waste issues of surrounding tissue of hair root on the tip of hair root.
We are able to steadily see it brought on by squama, falling hairs with dandruff, oily scalp and falling hairs with extreme sebum.
When the scalp shouldn’t be clear or when waste issues are collected on and across the hair pore by an environmental deterioration of the scalp or hair pores, regular progress of hair will get disturbed by irritation then falls out in early time.
The aggravation of symptom makes hairs downy and skinny.

Causes : Irritation and dandruff by breeding of germs. An environmental deterioration of hair pores. Improve of sebum by male hormone.

Measures : Enhance the atmosphere of hair pore.(Take away dandruff and sebum.)
Management germs. (Sterilization and anti-inflammation.)
Forestall male hormone from affecting sebaceous gland.

D. Irregular hair root brought on by sudden vitamin provide dysfunction to hair root or dysfunction of hair matrix cell.

check of your hair condition

Alopecia areata


The form of hair root is small swell as compared with wholesome hair root, atrophied and is slender.
It’s a sample of hair root that we are able to steadily see in case of melancholy of hair root brought on by robust male hormone or poor blood circulation of the scalp.
Such a hair falls out earlier than the anticipated lifetime. The expansion of symptom shortens its Anagen stage, prone to be downy hair and results in skinny hair and baldness.

Causes :Native dysfunction of blood circulation brought on by stress. Dysfunction of vitamin provide from blood. Autoimmunity (Destruction of hair cell by itself.)

Measures : Speed up blood circulation to the hair roots. Management autoimmunity (primarily in case of alopecia universalis )


symptoms of abnormal hair loss

Signs of irregular hair loss.

  • ・200-300 hairs fall out per day.
  • ・Pillow lined with quite a few hairs each morning.
  • ・In depth hair loss when shampooing, combing and brushing.
  • ・Thinning of the diameter of hair.
  • ・Improve in numbers of quick size / sharp tipped falling hairs.
  • ・Thinning hair on the entrance, facet or prime of the scalp.


Kinds of Alopecia

  • ・Alopecia areata
  • ・Alopecia untimely
  • ・Alopecia seborrhoicum
    ・Alopecia pityrodes
  • ・Others

  • A number of oval or spherical bald spots out of the blue seem on the top with out different apparent signs. It’s pretty straightforward to remedy, however typically it spreads to the entire head or different elements of the physique.
  • It’s referred to as frequent or untimely baldness. It begins from the late teenagers and, particularly, hair falls out from a part of the brow or prime of the top.
  • The principle attribute of Alopecia seborrhoicum is oily dandruff, and the primary attribute of Alopecia pityrodes is dry dandruff. It occurs with extreme itching, hairs begin falling from a part of the brow or prime of the top.


  • Alopecia senilis
  • Alopecia syphilitica
  • Atrichosis congenitalis
  • Hair loss from burns or wound
  • *No hair grower will have an affect on baldness on the elements of destruction, dysfunction or weak point of hair papilla in opposition to the above circumstances.
kind of alopecia


What’s dandruff ?

what is dandruff ?

Dandruff and itchiness may be critical indications of irregular falling hair!

Causes of and coverings for dandruff:

Dandruff is a combination of sweat, sebum, filth and so on., added to flakes of outer layer of dermis. As hair grows thicker on the top, these flakes change into tougher to take away than filth, therefore dandruff issues regularly seem if shampooing is inadequate.
There are two sorts of dandruff. One is dry sort which is grayish white and flakes fall off while you scratch the scalp.
The opposite is oily sort and it sticks to the nails while you scratch the scalp.



Pityriasic scale….
Firstly, hold the scalp clear by shampooing steadily. Then, enhance the scalp operate with hair tonic.
Apply oil onto the scalp to forestall from drying.

Seborrhic scale….
Maintain the scalp clear by frequent shampoo, after which, use hair tonic.

Kinds of dandruff:

○ Dry and flaky sort (Pityriasic scale):

When the air is dry and when there’s little sebum, such a dandruff seems due to
drying of the outer layer of the pores and skin (the stratum corneum).

○ Oily sort (Seborrhic scale):
On account of extreme sebaceous secretion, greasy dandruff seems. Extra of sebaceous secretion can be brought on by extra of androgenic hormone.
Keratinization of the scalp tissue could also be accelerated by bodily irritation, equivalent to scratching with the nails, chemical irritation (from medication), and extra dandruff might happen.

Causes of dandruff and falling hair:

Dandruff is brought on by irregular keratinization of stratum corneum, the outer layer of dermis.
Due to this fact, the sheath that’s wrapping the hair root can be keratinized regularly.
This results in a discount of the facility of the pores and skin to carry hair to lower than half of regular.
Finally, even when the hair nonetheless retains its personal life, it falls out simply when pulled or combed.

Mechanism of accelerating hair progress.

Cleansing hair pores.

The person hair of skinny hair is normally slim, and there’s a massive
clearance between the hair pore and hair shaft. Finally, the pores are likely to get blocked by dandruff or waste matter.
Due to this fact, firstly, it’s needed to scrub the pores and the scalp for liquid components to penetrate deeply into the hair root.
It will stimulate the realm across the hair matrix and hair root. Enhance the exercise of the pores and skin operate!
Stimulate the exercise of the reticulo endothelial operate!!
Activate the operate of tissue cells!!!


Activation of hair papilla.

A disordered hair matrix can not produce new hair, as a result of it’s unable to soak up amino-acid, to make polypeptide and to show it into Keratin, even when the capillary vessel carries vitamin to the hair root.
Hair Development Accelerators / Restorers include varied efficient components to speed up the replica of
wholesome new hair.


Reinforcement of the capillary vessels,
carrying vitamin to hair papilla.

Amino-acids, particularly Cystine, are important for the wholesome progress of hair. Weak capillary vessels can not furnish sufficient vitamin from meals and provide to hair papilla, moreover they can not assist the expansion of latest hair.
The components of Hair Development Accelerators / Restorers forestall contraction of the vessels,
develop the vessels and stimulate blood circulation.


About Pores and skin

What’s Pores and skin Care ?
Pores and skin is sort of a guard to guard you from UV, dryness, oxidation, micro organism.
Skincare is for conserving pores and skin wholesome.


Make Up Remover

For eradicating oily filth equivalent to make-up. Pre-care earlier than cleaning.

Face Wash Foam

For eradicating filth and sweat, and making pores and skin wholesome.


Moisture components hydrate the pores and skin.


Evaluate with Lotion, Essence compounds
increased focus of components.
Even small quantity is succesful to point out the impact.
It may be used for particular care between lotion and milky lotion.

Milky Lotion

For holding the moisture and serving to cream to work properly.


For stopping the moisture to dry off and defending from the micro organism.


The consequences of AA-2G

New steady Vitamin C spinoff

The Results of AA-2G (L-Ascorbic Acid-2glucoside)

AA-2G is the natural-type of Vitamin C spinoff that Vitamin C and pure sugar are mixed collectively. It really works successfully on stopping the unfold of melanin of the pores and skin.

Inhibits the formation of Melanin Evaluating with typical Vitamin C derivatives, AA-2G exhibits the excessive physiological activation. Due to this fact, AA-2G is excessive efficient for inhibiting the formation of melanin→ Whitening impact.
Security AA-2G is protected to human physique, as a result of AA2G is resolved into pure Vitamin C and glucose by enzyme of the pores and skin cell in a dwelling physique.
Stability AA-2G could be very steady, as a result of AA-2G is made so as to not resolve naturally. It’s made by combing the secondary OH group of Ascorbic acid with one glucose molecule.
Prompts the inside of the dwelling physique AA-2G simply and successfully modifications into activated Vitamin C by the operate of enzyme, which is within the pores and skin cell.
Sustainability Vitamin C is slowly launched, due to enzyme within the pores and skin cell of a dwelling physique. Due to this fact, it exhibits the lasting Vitamin C impact.
Elasticity Preservative AA2G helps to maintain elasticity and pressure of the pores and skin Vitamin C has operate, which promotes the composition of collagen (a chief protein ingredient of pores and skin,) and protects the fiber of elasticity.

AA-2G successfully protects the pores and skin from dullness,
spots and freckles which is brought on by sunburn on pores and skin.
Maintain the pores and skin clear.

①Reduces the precursor substance of melanin
(dopaquinone), and controls the manufacturing of melanin.

②Inhibits the formation of melanin by inhibiting the
activation of tyrosinase, which is the enzyme to make melanin.

③Changes the melanin into mild (tint) coloration by discount of melanin within the pores and skin.

●Spots and wrinkles seem when the manufacturing of
melanin pigments are activated by ultraviolet ray,
the over produced pigments and metabolic dysfunction of
pores and skin are mixed collectively.

●AA-2G penetrates into the pores and skin and will get
hydrolyzed, then resolves into pure sort of
Vitamin C(Ascorbic acid) and pure sort of glucose.
It really works for the whitening the pores and skin in Three methods.


AA-2G works on melanin to…

  • Ⅰ. Lighten
  • Ⅱ. Cease growing
  • Ⅲ. Cease producing

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