7 Crossdressing Secrets to a Long Lasting Shave

Crossdressers and transsexuals face many challenges, however maybe none as irritating because the battle of the beard. Shaving is quick and straightforward, however can result in razor burn and ingrown hairs, to not point out the frustration of seeing a beard shadow after only some hours.

Whereas there’s nothing you are able to do to cease your beard from rising (apart from painful electrolysis), it’s attainable for any crossdresser or transsexual have a delicate, clean, female face.

Listed here are seven secrets and techniques to getting the smoothest, most lasting shave attainable:

1. Keep away from shaving very first thing within the morning. Most individuals get up with barely puffy pores and skin within the morning. You will get a better shave if you happen to wait 20-30 minutes for the pores and skin to tighten, exposing extra of the hair shaft.

2. Prep your pores and skin. Take a bathe or wrap a scorching, moist towel round your face and neck for a number of minutes earlier than shaving to melt your beard and open up the hair follicles.

3. All the time exfoliate. Use a washcloth or an exfoliating scrub in your face to remove useless pores and skin cells and lift hair stubs for a better shave.

4. Use a regrowth slowing shaving cream. For an enduring shave, use a shaving cream, corresponding to Aveeno’s Positively Easy Shave Gel, designed to gradual hair regrowth. Keep away from shaving lotions containing menthol, as they’ll dry out the pores and skin.

5. Choose a terrific razor. A terrific shave relies upon upon a terrific razor. Most crossdressers agree that the Gillette Sensor Excel is the final word instrument for the job.

6. Do not use a boring blade. By no means use the identical blade greater than two or thrice since boring blades can result in razor burn and ingrown hairs. As a matter of reality, I counsel utilizing a recent blade each time you go en femme.

7. Do a two step shave. A terrific pre-femme shave must be performed in two steps: first, shave within the route of hair progress. Then lather once more, this time shaving in opposition to the grain for an excellent nearer reduce. Remember to use small, light strokes to keep away from irritation.

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