1940s Men’s Hairstyles, Facial Hair, Grooming Products

1942-43 Hairstyles- Slicked and parted
1942-43 Hairstyles- Slicked and parted

1942-43 Hairstyles- Slicked and parted


1940s Males’s Hairstyles

The 1940s man had completely groomed hair, with frequent visits to the barber. The look is pretty easy to tug off right now (not like these time-consuming ladies’s kinds!). If you wish to obtain most males’s 1940s coiffure you will have to develop your hair lengthy on high however preserve it shorter on the edges and again.

Mid 1940s men's waved pompadour hairstyle

the mid 1940s waved pompadour hair


Conservative Cuts

Most males had one basic coiffure throughout the 1940s. Quick on the facet and again, lengthy on high. The highest part may very well be smoothed again with some pomade or parted on one facet and combed over and barely again to create a wave. Hair was by no means parted within the middle as a result of that was a female look.


1943 men's collage hairstyles

1943 faculty hairstyles- properly groomed

The distinction between early and late 1940s hairstyles was within the quantity of wave and top. The early ’40s hair was neatly groomed right into a single wave and polished with oil or pomade to offer it shine. Hair was normally flat or rounded easy on high. Late ’40s males’s hairstyles had extra top and extra waves. Layers of waves, unfastened waves, or sculpted waves and curls required solely a bit of product to carry the form. The very oily look was out of vogue until the slick-back look was attempting to be attained. Whereas the early ’40s had been closely polished, the late ’40s had a freer looseness that also took an effort to model and preserve.

1948 High School Hairstyles- slicked or waved

1948 Excessive Faculty Hairstyles- slicked or waved

Slick Again Hair

(For straight hair, semi-long on high, trim round sides and again.) Create this look by combing hair oil or pomade by moist hair. You possibly can slick all of it again evenly or create a facet half with or with no small wave within the entrance. Subsequent, use a stiff bristle brush to easy the hairs down- comb strains ought to be prevented. Keep away from sporting a hat till the oil has an opportunity to soak in and dry considerably. You should use a dry fabric to take in extra oil as effectively.  Oily merchandise are by no means a good suggestion for hat sporting, particularly classic hats. It was achieved within the 1940s, nonetheless males additionally bought new hats yearly as soon as previous ones had been trashed by each day use and hair merchandise.

Waved Hairstyles

To create this look, begin off by loading your hair up with the styling cream or liquid and brushing it by totally, making a really straight and outlined half on one facet of your head. The half ought to be proper the place the longer high part of hair meets the closer-cut facet part. Subsequent, beginning at your hairline in entrance, comb hair up and to the facet, making a bit of side-swoop on high. Comb the remainder of your hair in order that it’s brushed again, ensuring that it seems to be even throughout your entire high of your head. That’s it – the right ‘40s hair!

1940s zoot suit hair, pachucas hairstyle with ducktail

Pachucos hair

1940s Slick back pachucos hair

Slick again pachucos hair

Ducktail Pompadour

Having a considerable amount of lengthy hair on high turned much more frequent within the late 1940s, however the pattern began within the first few years. It was highly regarded with the Pachucos of Los Angeles and thus turned related to delinquent youth and finally motorbike using rebels within the 1950s. It was additionally picked up by singers Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

The pompadour was full, wavy, and combed up earlier than it swooshed to the again (by no means dangling down the brow). The taller the crown the higher. Whereas it was normally quick within the again, the ducktail model (typically known as a duck’s ass/D.A.) continued the size right down to the neck and tapered to some extent, like a duck’s tail.

African- American Hair

Hairstyles for African-American males had been reduce evenly round or barely, very barely, longer on high. An element was not frequent till the top of the last decade.  Some males did develop out and easy black hair on the edges and high with hair oil. City youth created pompadours by brushing up the entrance hair as excessive as they may.

1940s Jazz Musician Johnny Hodges, slicked and oiled short even hair

Jazz Musician Johnny Hodges, slicked and oiled quick even hair

Army Cuts

Males in service continuously needed to reduce hair very quick. The convenience of those low upkeep kinds continued after the warfare ended. A buzz reduce was a fair reduce throughout the pinnacle. It was simpler to chop with new electrical clippers accessible for dwelling use.

1940s men's crew cut hairstyle

1940s crew reduce with barely taller entrance


The crew reduce or butch reduce was additionally achieved with clippers however a bit of hair was left longer on the highest. Some stars had the very entrance inch or two longer and combed straight up or ahead like Jazz musician Gerry Mulligan. Actor Steve McQueen additionally wore a standard crew reduce with an extended high (and pure curls).

1947, men's crew cut hairstyle with longer top

1947, crew reduce coiffure with an extended high

The flat high was clipped throughout however left an inch or two longer on high, oiled and combed flat and sq..

The army cuts weren’t too fashionable. Most males most popular the wave or slicked kinds.

This web site is beneficial for WW2 haircuts and find out how to ask your barber to re-create them.

1947 men's electric hair clippers

1947 electrical hair clippers

Facial hair

Most males most popular a clean-shaven look throughout the 1940s. The few who did put on some facial hair did so with a mustache. The pencil-thin “Errol Flynn” mustache was fashionable within the 1930s after the actor debuted it on the silver display screen. It required shaving the world between the mustache and nostril in order that the mustache line adopted the define of the higher lip. It was trimmed continuously in order that it by no means turned too bushy. A couple of males continued to put on that model into the 1940s, together with main man Clark Gable.  His mustache was not as skinny because the ’30s model. It was a bit of fuller, however nonetheless sparse sufficient to see pores and skin beneath the hair.

In 1947, the handlebar membership was fashioned to assist males who selected to not shave their mustaches after service within the army.  All kinds had been allowed, but it surely was the complete bushy mustache with curled lengthy suggestions that was the group’s namesake.

Older males who couldn’t develop skinny mustaches could have turned to a full beard. This was very uncommon even amongst older males, however a number of actors made it a trademark look whose roles included historic figures, detectives, medical doctors, and scientists. Beards had been additionally extra frequent with British officers such because the Duke of Edinburgh. Most beards had been stored trim and neat.

Males who adopted the “western” tradition had been followers of facial hair. The thought was by no means to look effectively groomed, however “too busy working the ranch or using the vary” to shave. Beard stubble and mustaches had been each seen. Once more, this wasn’t a part of “vogue” as a lot because it was a mark of a person’s rustic occupation.

Grooming Instruments

1944 men's combs, brushes and manicure sets

1944 males’s combs, brushes and manicure units

Comb and Brush

Previous to the warfare, most combs had been fabricated from tortoiseshell or ivory. Plastic (Lucite) took over after the warfare (and saved many animals from extinction). Males’s combs got here in a number of tooth widths and sizes. A small comb was typically carried in a pockets or pocket. Giant combs had been used at dwelling together with stiff Bristle brushes.  Some brushes had handles however most match into the palm of the hand (a greater grooming expertise, for my part).

Manicure Units

Neatly trimmed and cleaned nails weren’t only for ladies. Males took nice care in having a neat look which included common consideration to his nails. Clippers, recordsdata, cuticle trimmers, and tweezers had been stored neat and tidy in a leather-based pouch.

1940s mens hair tonics and shampoo, good grooming products

1947 hair tonics and shampoo

Hair Tonics, styling merchandise

There have been a number of forms of hair styling tonics for males within the 1940s. Brilliantine cream or Brylcreem was an oily, sticky, Vaseline-like gel that was used for the slick again look.  Hair oil added shine with out the maintain and was used for wave hairstyles. It was typically scented with lavender and different mild fragrances. Murray’s pomade and Royal Crown pomade had been gel-like additional robust maintain styling merchandise for sculpted hairstyles that would stand up to the trials of frequent hat eradicating. They nonetheless make many elderly vogue 1940s hair merchandise right now (click on the hyperlinks) for an genuine hair styling expertise.


Hair shampoo was commercially accessible for many who may afford it. Castile cleaning soap, coconut cleaning soap, olive oil soaps, and dandruff eradicating formulation had been the first soaps. Whereas conditioner wasn’t used but, there have been hair tonics and the favored Wildwood Cream that was styled into moist hair, an early kind of setting lotion, that was a “non-sticky liquid that leaves hair tender and simple to handle.”

1940s mens grooming: 1947 men's shaving creams, soaps and lotions

1947 males’s shaving lotions, soaps and lotions


Powder and roll on tube deodorant weren’t a part of males’s grooming fairly but. Liquid deodorants had been both utilized to a rag and rubbed in or poured into the palm and splashed on. They had been for perfume, not antiperspirant.  Males additionally used cologne to cowl up physique smells however these had been usually very costly.  All of the smells from hair tonic, styling lotions, and after shave merchandise had been sufficient perfume for many males.

Shaving Soaps, Lotions

Shaving was a critical routine for males. Many males nonetheless shaved with a straight razor. The protection razor was extra fashionable, nonetheless the necessity for frequent blade modifications made them value prohibitive throughout many of the 1940s.  Electrical shavers had been additionally rising in popularity. Aftershave lotion was utilized to appease uncooked pores and skin.  Examine Oscar’s adventures in straight razor shaving right here.

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