15 Best Jewfro Hairstyles For Men (2020 Guide)


The Jewfro is a giant, curly coiffure usually styled by Jewish males who’re rising out their hair. Jewfro hairstyles mix naturally thick, curly hair with an Afro to create a larger-than-life look. Whereas tough to tame with out good hair merchandise, guys who personal the fashion come off as assured, rebellious, and outgoing. And due to this, fro haircuts and kinds have develop into extra mainstream, transcending race and ethnicity.


  • 1 Finest Jewfro Kinds
    • 1.1 Large Jewfro
    • 1.2 Mini Fro
    • 1.3 Medium-Size Messy Hair
    • 1.4 Tight Curls + Beard
    • 1.5 Lengthy Curly Hair + Beard
    • 1.6 Wild Kinky Hair
    • 1.7 Brushed Up Curls + Beard
    • 1.8 Low Fade + Brief High + Curly Fringe
    • 1.9 Brief Curly Hair
    • 1.10 Lengthy Shaggy Curls
    • 1.11 Unfastened Curly Coiffure
    • 1.12 Brief Jew Fro + Thick Beard

Finest Jewfro Kinds

For those who’re searching for alternative ways to fashion your Jewfro, you’ll love our examples under. From large to mini fro hairstyles, try these cool Jewfros for inspiration!


Large Jewfro

Big Jewfro

Mini Fro

Mini Fro

Medium-Size Messy Hair

Medium-Length Messy Hair

Tight Curls + Beard

Tight Curls + Beard

Lengthy Curly Hair + Beard

Long Curly Hair + Beard

Wild Kinky Hair

Wild Kinky Hair

Brushed Up Curls + Beard

Brushed Up Curls + Beard

Low Fade + Brief High + Curly Fringe

Low Fade + Short Top + Curly Fringe

Brief Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair

Lengthy Shaggy Curls

Long Shaggy Curls

Unfastened Curly Coiffure

Long Loose Curly Hairstyle

Brief Jew Fro + Thick Beard

Jew Fro + Thick Beard



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